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Small Business

You may know already but I am working on a small business with my husband and my Mum making and selling craft items. It’s something we started last year but what with one thing and another it got left but we’ve decided to make a proper go of it this year.

I’ve been working on the online shop for a week or so, and we’ve now got a small selection of our stock for sale on Etsy. We have also got a Facebook page up and running which we are hoping will be our marketing arm of the business and it is already proving to be a valuable forum and chatting point between our “likers”.

I don’t want to flood Etsy and Facebook with everything we’ve got all at once because I don’t want to put people off supporting us, so I’m going to be adding new things every couple of days. The business is called “Cards Crafts and More” which basically describes what we do – we make cards, crafts and more! The “more” covers a multitude of things that we have got in the pipeline and in various stages of completeness. Kevin is very technical and his strength is making new things out of old. He has been perfecting his technique of converting old vinyl LPs into stylish bowls and is looking at making clocks out of the innards from discarded computers. My Mum is the card maker and the knitter whilst my area is crochet and paper craft. Between us we offer quite a range and like all creative people we are always testing and making and altering and designing and trying out new things. I love it!!

My Mum has made a topsy turvy doll this week and I’ve just listed it on Etsy. It is a “rags to riches” character doll, based on Cinderella. It’s a super little doll with gorgeous detailing and I’m hoping there is a little (or big!) girl out there who would like to adopt her.


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