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Daybook Entry – 17th Jan 13

Daybook Entry


Outside my window…it’s snowing!!!! Yeehaa!!!!!!!

I am thinking…that my “how to shift the black cloud” strategy is taking a bit longer to deploy than usual.

I am thankful…for central heating.

In the kitchen…Emma made spaghetti and meatballs for tea. It was delish!

I am wearing…grey sloppy joe pants, black t-shirt.

I am creating…I have got orders for 5 hats since weekend. I’ve made three of them and I am about to start on the other two later this evening.

I am going…to go and treat myself to a long hot shower shortly.

I am wondering…if the weather predictions for a countrywide blanket of snow in the next few days are going to be accurate.

I am reading… “Shatter The Bones” by Stuart MacBride.

I am hoping…Emma’s ok tonight. She’s gone to the Naval Unit for her regular Thursday night drill session and they have been told they will be doing it outside tonight. It’s snowing and it’s at least -4 degrees out there!

I am praying for…a deepening understanding of my own spirituality and growing compassion to help others with theirs.

I am looking forward to…doing some cooking with Ethan over the weekend.

I am learning…to sit tight and weather the storm.

Around the house…things are a bit of a mess – oops!

I am pondering…which books I need to buy for my ALM course which has its first proper session next Tuesday. We have been given a reading list that’s as long as your arm and there’s no way I can buy all of them, so I need to work out which ones I do need and which ones I can get hold of.

A favourite quote for today… ” People often make two mistakes in their search of inner peace… focusing on things they cannot change, and ignoring things they can change.”
Written in 2012 by Robert Moore

One of my favourite things…is reading my book in my big comfy bed when all the world is quiet and dark.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Weather and pain permitting I will be going to have a look at some new chairs for church in the morning and band in the evening tomorrow. No plans for Saturday and church on Sunday morning where I’m leading prayers.

A peek into my day…

3 hats completed today
3 hats completed today


Yes, Emma survived her drill night!!

As you can see from this picture Emma arrived back in one piece and full of smiles after her drill night. Phew!!

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1 thought on “Daybook Entry – 17th Jan 13”

  1. Lovely hats. You do fantastic needle work!
    Long hot shower? Well, as the temperature at our place went past the 40 C mark last week I treated myself to several hot/cold showers. So refreshing!
    Correction, the outside temp went as far as 45 C. We were lucky in our house it stayed a ‘cool’ 30 C to 31 C degrees. We do not have air-conditioning, only ceiling fans. We closed all the windows with curtains before it got too hot in the morning. It was completely dark in our house. We had to use lights during the day. We noticed the glass on the windows did get extremely hot especially when the sun did shine onto them.


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