Failed Resolution #1

Conversation between Kevin and me whilst Christmas shopping in Asda two days before Christmas:

ME: I’m just going to get a bunch of that mint.

KEVIN: Don’t get any mint, you never use any and it will still be there in the middle of January.

ME: No, honest, I’m going to make Mojitos over Christmas. In fact, I’ll get two!

KEVIN: Pam, you NEVER use any herbs you buy in Asda, don’t get any.

ME: Kevin you’re such a spoilsport. I’m sure Emma would love some Mojitos and you can’t make them without mint!!

KEVIN: Don’t pick them up, they’ll go rotten….

ME: I promise, I’m going to use these (placing them triumphantly into the basket). In fact you can call it my first resolution this year = “I will only ever buy herbs in the supermarket that I am definitely going to use USE……”.




Kevin 1, Pam nil……



3 thoughts on “Failed Resolution #1”

  1. Ooops… Personally I would’ve cheated (slightly) and done home-made Mint Sauce in an ice cube tray! That way it has DEFINATELY been used!!


    1. I’m not that organised…..that would be Failed Resolution #2 up the spout too: “I will not let any herb or vegetable go to compost this year. I am going to use up EVERY LAST LITTLE SCRAP in soups or in the freezer”….. hahahaha!!!


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