I thought I’d try something a bit different today and ask my question in the shape of a poll. We Brits seem to go mental over a bit of snow and our whole infrastructure collapses as soon as there is a flurry in the air. We cancelled 250 flights from Heathrow on Friday….and that was BEFORE any snow fell! Our schools are at the mercy of litigious parents whose little darlings may get hurt/cold/wet/frightened/snowed in the classroom if they don’t send children home as soon as the first flakes fell. Our councils have stockpiled grit and rock salt and assure us that they have enough to grit our roads for at least four days. FOUR DAYS!! Sheesh…. What would happen if we had a real cold snap and had weeks and weeks of snow to contend with?!

Anyway. I ask the question of you fully aware that you are in all sorts of different climates and weather systems and I’m interested to know what you think of the snow situation where you live. Just a bit of fun!!




9 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. While Heathrow had to cancel flights on Friday because of a cold snap, Sydney sweltered in record heat!
    I wonder for how many days you’ve had snow now? Our record heat didn’t last for too long, thankfully. By Saturday the temperature had dropped by 20 Degrees Celsius. But our summer isn’t over yet. We’ve been warned some more very hot days are going to come.


  2. Snow is such a treat here–we so rarely see it and then only a brief dusting or flurries. Not even enough to make snow angels, usually, to the disappointment of children who want to make snowmen and have to make do with “mudmen with wet piece of ice and snow thrown in. And that’s in the odd year. So far this year, no snow, only a bit of sleet. I miss the snow of my youth and young adulthood, even the shoveling, which meant hot cocoa afterwards and not driving but taking the bus to work and not having to drive in the mess. I miss snow. Not the bitter cold, so much.


  3. So where I live we get snow several times a year. Definitely not the snow belt like it is in Minnesota or the mountains, but still we’re used to snow. Which is probably why I did find it pretty funny when I checked the news the other day and saw that much of Britain was apparently going to be shut down because of 4 inches of snow. I answered that I love the snow which is true – so long as I don’t have to go anywhere!

    I’m curious to know though, what is your answer to this poll?


    1. I absolutely LOVE snow! We don’t really get that much locally that we can call it real snow but further up in the Pennines is more like it. I’m ashamed of our British infrastructure breaking down at the first hint of a flake….sheesh are we weak or what?!


  4. The snow in London situation sounds like rain in Los Angeles. The system breaks down here when it rains. It actually snowed here a couple years ago…very exciting! Hope you’re enjoying the snow while it lasts 🙂


  5. Hey Pam,

    Not had a chance really to catch up on Facebook or your blog, as was travelling on 20th/21st and been enjoying being ‘Aunty Mich’ with Daisy.

    Soooo – snow / cold weather…

    It was Minus 18 in Kingston when we left, with just remnants of a previous snowfall of 10 inches, the schools are still expected to send the kids out for a 30 mins recess untill it hits -30, when they are supposed to reduce it to 20 mins!

    When we arrived in Manchester although it was SNOWING, to be honest I felt much colder than in Canada, cos the snow is heavy and WET, (this might make me sound OLD, but can TOTALLY say that it’s the DAMP that gets in your bones which makes you feel cold, not just the official temp.

    Despite living in Canada and having way more snow, my kids have probably had less time off school for ‘SNOW’ days than any UK kid over the past 5 years.

    I don’t blame the schools or councils though about things not working in the UK when it snows, you just don’t have the equipment for it, we (Canada) have snow ploughs/ gritters for both the roads and for the sidewalks. PLUS it’s a bylaw that everyone has to clear the sidewalk & a path up to their door, you cant park on the street (to allow for said snow-ploughs).

    Snow is an occasional nuisance in the UK compared to other things, but I remember what REALLY used to tick me off was travelling on the train and being told I was delayed due to ‘LEAVES on the LINE’ – 1. It is always wet in Sept- Nov and the leaves will always be falling off the trees at the same time – DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    Sorry, a personal gripe I know

    Looking forward to coming to play with Todd, and wearing my Moonchester hat !! (Will Msg you my phone number on facebook, when I am back at my mum’s on Saturday.)



    1. Cheers Mich! Good to hear from you 🙂 Welcome to damp and cold Mankychester lol!

      Daisy’s hat is ready (I’ve done two for you to choose from) and I’m going to be doing Moony over the weekend this weekend. Let me know your numbers etc when you’re back and we can fix up arrangements for band on Friday :))


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