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Daybook Entry – 27th January

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Outside my window…it is glorious sunshine with clear blue skies out there. The last of the snow is melting (largely due to a mahoosive rain storm last night!) and it feels really spring-like. The temperature is around 5 degrees so not exactly warm, but the signs are all there that the worst of winter is over.

I am thinking…that life with God is complicated!

I am thankful…for my family – in particular my sister in law Debbie. She is wonderful and our chat today was far too short.

In the kitchen…we’re having nachos tonight. Really healthy (ahem) but simple to make and nice and tasty.

I am wearing…yellow polo shirt and grey sweat pants.

I am creating…I’m on the border of my “Tatty Teddy” blanket (my own design influenced by the blue-nosed teddy which I love so much).

I am going…to pick it up when I’ve finished this blog post.

I am wondering…if I should take a nap or not.

I am reading… Still reading “Close To The Bone” by Stuart MacBride, but I am also reading “Simply Christian” and “Simply Jesus” by Tom Wright for some background knowledge to go with the ALM course I’m doing. I have also got “100 Wisdom Stories” on the go which is not only a fascinating book to read in its own right but is a great source of material for me to use at Sunday School. I’ve got another couple of books here to go with my course, in fact there’s quite a nice little pile by the side of my chair – and I am looking forward to getting my teeth into them. The next on my hit-list is a spiritual book about the Ignatian Way, a book about the teachings of St Ignatius. I am really interested in Celtic Christianity and that one is a great account of they “did” God back then.

I am hoping…Oldham don’t get battered too hard by Liverpool this afternoon in the FA Cup.

I am praying for…strength and wisdom with regards to a personal situation that needs sorting out. How can we tackle injustice on a world scale when we can’t do it when it’s on our own doorstep? I am impotent-ally passionate about something and I don’t know what to do about it.

I am looking forward to…seeing my friend Michelle on Friday. We kind of grew up together (we were in neighbouring bands when we were kids) and she emigrated to Canada a couple of years ago. She’s back in Manchester for a family Christening and she will be coming with me to Todmorden Band on Friday night for a blow. It’ll be good to catch up with her.

I am learning…a lot about the history of my Christianity, and the historical setting of the Bible. I am fascinated to learn more about the way of life that people had when Jesus was born and about the impact his teaching had on everyday people. I’ve been learning about the “missing” books of the Bible too – about what they were, why they weren’t included in the Bible, what extra they can add to the historical context of Jesus etc. Fascinating and illuminating stuff!

Around the house…Kevin has been restless today so he is pottering about tidying up as he goes. Things aren’t too bad at the minute but I dread trying to find something when I come to look for it again. He has a habit of “tidying” things so well that we end up losing stuff….

I am pondering…what craft projects I can do for Valentine’s Day for our online store.

A favourite quote for today: “No Aunty Pam, there’s no such thing as the toast fairy. There are only two fairies – the tooth fairy and the truth fairy. There’s NO TOAST FAIRY!!!” as said by my niece Ella.

One of my favourite things…is escaping in a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week: all being well I will be going to Stay and Play in the morning (our toddler group at church) and I have a PCC meeting in the evening. I have the next session of my ALM course on Tuesday night and I am leading worship with my friend Lorraine at the start of it. Apart from those things I have a week to spend on craft projects with Kevin who has got a whole week off work.

A peek into my day…

oldham liverpool f a cup

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7 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 27th January”

    1. I recall snow in April where I live too, although it’s much rarer than snow in March which is a fairly common occurrence where I live. Just when you think winter is all spent…


  1. I enjoy biblical history as well. It is very helpful when we understand the times and how people functioned as we evaluate scripture–realizing Jesus was speaking to the audience of the time. That is not to say that God’s word isn’t active and breathing today, it is, but biblical history can be relevant in understanding the bible.


    1. I agree with you. Sometimes we need the context to understand the message don’t we? I get confused with the writings of Paul for example, because he was writing for different audiences and it helps to know why he was writing the way he did. Fascinating stuff!


      1. Yes, understanding the audience can be very helpful. Have you ever read the Message bible? It has an entry prior to each book that explains some wonderful “tidbits” about the book–so helpful.


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