Daybook Entry – 15th February

Daybook Entry

Outside my window… it’s dark, there is a very damp and frosty feel to the air, and there are just a few stars peeking through.

I am thinking…about where to go for a walk tomorrow.

I am thankful…for my best friend and his unfailing support.

In the kitchen…Kevin is doing some cheese on toast, our usual post-band practice snack on a Friday.

I am wearing…grey t-shirt and dark blue jogging bottoms.

I am creating…some crochet amigurumi owls.

I am going…to bed when I’ve had my supper.

I am pondering…which mobile phone provider I’m going to switch Ethan to.

I am reading…I’ve got a few books on the go at the moment; “The Shack” by William P Young, “Crossing Places” by Ellie Griffiths and “Simply Christian” by Tom Wright.

I am hoping…for a full night’s sleep tonight. Please.

I am praying for…my Aunty Jackie who is ill in hospital after surgery to repair a broken pelvis. She was too weak to withstand a general anaesthetic so she had the operation whilst awake. Brave lady!!

I am looking forward to…having some quality time with Ethan next week.

I am learning…more about the world, culture and society that we live in.

Around the house…there are piles of STUFF that needs a) sorting, b) selling or c) throwing away.

A favourite quote for today: Emma has announced that she wants to go on a tour of duty as an officer cadet with the Navy this summer. To the Falkland Islands. Her announcement was followed by “Mum, it’ll be WELL exciting!!!”

One of my favourite things…is cheese on toast after band on a Friday.

A few plans for the rest of the weekend: A walk somewhere nice tomorrow, church on Sunday morning and then a week off with my boy as it’s half term from school.

A peek into my day…



We didn’t have time to have our pancakes on Tuesday (or indeed any other night this week!) so we had them this afternoon instead. We have celebrated Shrove Friday haha!! Home made pancakes too…. 8oz flour, 2 eggs, about a pint of milk and some salt to season. Fry up a ladle-full in a frying pan with a little bit of lard (yes, lard. Once a year won’t kill you) and then sprinkle them with sugar and lemon juice when you’ve turned them out. Roll them up and tuck in. Yummy yummy in my tummy!!!




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2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 15th February”

  1. well i’m not lazy, i just don’t seem to get in too much of a hurry about anything…
    my daughter used have cheese toast and pears at daycare…she seemed to like…and had me fix it at home sometimes…


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