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Celtic Success

I’ve been working with my Hama beads again today and have had some success. I must also point out that I’ve been extremely clumsy too….first of all by dropping the compartmentalised little box I’d sorted out all the beads into (doh!) and then later….well I’ll show you.

My first (extremely) successful project of the day was this Celtic cross:


Celtic cross
Celtic cross

I love the way this came together. There is form and rhythm to the design that I fell into step with straight away. I love things like this because there is poetry to it somehow. It is aesthetically pleasing.

Flushed with success and despite finger tips aching from picking out the correct colours again I decided to tackle an entwined serpent design.

It took me about three hours to set it out, using four interlocked tiles to position it. I was rather pleased with it and when Ethan came home from school he asked me how I was going to lift it to get it ironed. I replied “like this….”, nano seconds before lifting it and realising that the tiles weren’t as interlocked as I thought they were.

This was the result…

Intertwined, yet separate, serpents
Intertwined, yet separate, serpents

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!

As it happened I had run out of time as I needed a shower before heading out to my course and I didn’t get to repair the damage until later.

It took me about an hour or so to unpick the existing pattern, reattach the tiles and then relay the missing beads. I then CAREFULLY lifted it to take it to the iron (my little craft table wouldn’t stand up to being ironed on) and this was the result.

Like it?

Intertwined serpents
Intertwined serpents

My fingers are sore now, but it was worth it. I’m going to try and do some more tomorrow. There’s something relaxing about the repetitive placing of beads on a rack!


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