I Will Wait

I had to share this with you today.

It was played at the funeral of a 21 year old young lady that was held at my church today. I was there because we were expecting a large group of mourners and I wanted to help where I could, but when the funeral director brought in a picture of her, I realised that I knew her from when she was a young child so I was doubly glad that I was there.

The young lady had been suffering from bone cancer on and off since the age of 15, and typically, she never put her own health problems before the concerns of others. She will be massively missed by her family and friends, and I have a feeling that she chose the music for her funeral herself because the choices were so thoughtful and poignant. They were a message from her to those people who mourn her as you will see from this track I’m sharing with you now, which was played as the coffin was taken out of church at the end of the service. The lyrics are bob on, and the whole sentiment of the song is brilliant and a perfect message from a young person to her Mum.

I had heard of, but never listened to, Mumford & Sons before today but this has made me go and try a bit more of their music. As well as being entirely apt for the funeral this afternoon I feel it is appropriate for so many other relationship situations.

The opening line is absolutely stunning.



About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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6 Responses to I Will Wait

  1. I have heard this song many times but never really “listened” til now. So sad for the life of this young woman…♥


  2. dogear6 says:

    Thank you for sharing the music and about the funeral. I liked your response to stuffitellmysister. The funeral for my grandmother went from sad to a party and ya’ know – she would have loved it too.



    • sterlingsop says:

      You’re welcome Nancy, and I’m glad to hear you had a party for your grandmother too. I believe that funerals really should be an opportunity to give thanks for the person we are mourning and yes, they are sad occasions, but there is room for joy and celebration too. Glad you liked the music 🙂


  3. pattisj says:

    Such a sad occasion, to see off one so young. I like the upbeat music chosen, that is as it should be–turn our mourning into dancing.


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