Daybook Entry – 10th March

Daybook Entry


Outside my window… it’s a bitterly cold night out there tonight. Snow flurries in icy wind….brrrr glad I’m inside tonight.

I am thinking…about a family at church who are anticipating the loss of one of their elders. She has been given less than three months to live and she is currently on an aeroplane from the UK back to New Zealand where she lives. She has travelled here to see her latest grandchild and basically to say goodbye. It’s heartbreaking. They are a lovely family and I can’t imagine what they are feeling just now.

I am thankful…for my Mum. It’s Mothering Sunday here in the UK today and today of all days I’m thankful for all that my Mum does for me and means to me. She is the solid guidance (and occasional reprimand!) I need even now as an adult.

In the kitchen… Kevin is cooking sausages. The smell is making me hungry!!

I am wearing… comfy, installed-on-the-settee-for-the-evening clothes.

I am creating…I don’t have any craft projects on the go at the minute but I have given the task of designing some lacy “sleeves” for an art project a friend of Emma’s is doing later in the year, and I have been asked to make a couple of lap blanket/settee throws. I crocheted a special owl for my Mum yesterday as a thank you on Mothering Sunday.

I am going…to eat my tea, watch the end of Dancing on Ice and then watch Call The Midwife off the box (recording while DOI is ending) and then I’m going to go to bed with my Kindle.

I am wondering… whether I’ll get my arrangement of Skyfall ready for Friday night’s rehearsal.

I am reading… “Dark Winter” by David Mark. Only up to chapter 3, and not got a strong opinion about it one way or another yet.

I am hoping… Ethan’s concert is going well at the RNCM this evening. I’m sad not to go and see him but ticket prices are just too expensive. Hey ho, when he’s a rich and famous musician he can buy tickets for us to go and see him on stage!!

I am praying for…there seems to be so much sadness and worry about at the minute. I’m praying for those people in my life who are suffering from it, especially my Aunty Jack and her children. I pray that the light is seen before it’s too late. I’m also praying for Sue in New Zealand.

I am looking forward to…going away in the caravan. Not sure when that will be but these lighter days are putting me in the mind to camping as soon as possible!!

I am learning…not to compete and fight all the time. Just take it easy and let things roll as they will.

Around the house…Kevin gave the kitchen a deep clean today for me and Emma has swept and vaccumed the hall and the stairs this afternoon. Things are tidy-ish elsewhere so yes, it’s not embarrassing to have visitors at the moment so hurry up and come round!

I am pondering… a series of blog posts about Manchester, my home city. I want to make it a quality series so I don’t want to just jump in and do it without any thought or planning. So far, I have a proposed list of posts and I am working on finding background facts and taking my own photographs to back up my words. I want to make it a linked series, so I’m going to start off at one point which will then lead into another, and another and so on. My starting point is probably going to be Manchester City Football Club, which will then lead off into realms of Manchester history, its famous people, its buildings, its stories, its myths and legends, its successes etc. I am going to be taking some more photos this week so look out for the first in the series. It will be coming soon!

One of my favourite things…is daffodils in jam jars.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play tomorrow morning, a Mother’s Union meeting in the evening, ALM course Tuesday evening, Lenten study group on Wednesday, Band on Friday.

A peek into my day…

My lovely card from my even lovelier daughter and a jam jar full of daffodils. What more could a Mum want?!
My lovely card from my even lovelier daughter and a jam jar full of daffodils. What more could a Mum want?!

Thank you for reading my daybook entry today. 


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4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 10th March”

  1. I always enjoy when you do these – I share so much more of your life than on a regular post. And thanks for the various book recommendations; I’ve been enjoying trying a few new authors.

    A series on Manchester sounds good. I should think about it for my own hometown – for most of my readers, it would be new!

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at everything that is wrong in the world. I’m glad you’ve spent time with the family today – that always helps keep things in perspective.



    1. Hi Nancy thanks for your comments. I was really pleased with the quality time we had yesterday – I love my family!

      I’m glad you like the Daybook too. They’re a template I use when there seems to be so much to write about but nothing in its own right is enough to do a post on. I’m glad you enjoy them as much as I do creating them 🙂


  2. I’m seconding dogear6’s comment about enjoying your daybook. Actually I was just thinking today that the thing I miss most about blogging is the daybook. Maybe I’ll start a blog where all I do is the daybook just for my own enjoyment…

    Anyway, it’s funny you should mention that it seems like there is so much sadness and worry around right now. It seems like there are times when thing are going swimmingly for everyone and then times where bad thing after bad thing happens to those you care about. Unfortunately, my extended family has been caught in the latter part for about 2.5 years now. 😦 And it seems like the hard things in life keep on piling up – and just today we found out some bad news about our Church. Hoping and praying that we all get out of this stormy season!



    1. Oh dear, I hope your church weathers the storm it is facing at the moment. You have my thoughts and prayers.

      It really is too easy to get caught up the negative things and it seems that negative tends to attract negative and very quickly they pile up and cause some real distress. Let’s pray for more positivity all round!!


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