Thought For Today

Let Go


Our sermon in church this morning was on the same theme as this but with the emphasis on “letting go – let in God”. Certainly food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Let Go”

  1. It’s certainly food for thought. Pam. It’s already Monday here in Australia. I sadly missed church yesterday, but we saw a great movie on Sunday in the afternoon: Steven Spielberg’s “LINCOLN’ about the 13th amendment. History in the making in January 1865! Sally Field was great as Lincoln’s wife. And then of course Daniel Day-Lewis was very good as Lincoln.
    Hope you’re okay, Pam. Have a good week! All the best, Uta.


    1. Thank you Uta, I love hearing from you!!
      I want to watch Lincoln too, but I think I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD to see it. I don’t often go to the cinema, so when I do go, I like to see big, colourful and musical films. Things like Lincoln are for watching at home I think.

      We’ve had a return to the bad Winter weather today and it’s rather chilly again. I am envious of you in your Australian summer! I hope you are keeping cool my friend. Take care 🙂


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