Daybook Entry – 18th March

Daybook Entry


Outside my window…it’s dark and bitterly cold. We have had some super Spring sunshine for the past couple of days and up until lunchtime today it was another corker. And then the wind changed and it is bringing with it the chill Arctic air from Norway and the threat of snow. Brrr!!

I am thinking…about my role. My function, purpose if you like. I seem to have my life on hold at the moment and even though I think I know which direction it is going to take, I still seem to be stumbling over the first steps, which is making me question whether I’ve got the right idea or not. Things that once were like falling off a log to me are now the administrative equivalent of ascending Everest.

I am thankful…for blessed pain relief!! I have managed nearly a whole two days without having to take anything for my pain, which I am grateful for, but having a growing setback through the day today I have had to take something for it. And what a blessed relief that was. Sad that I need it, but thankful for it being there for me to take.

In the kitchen…four different meals tonight. None of us are very hungry today and so we have just had a snack. It goes like that sometimes. We just go with the flow and if we’re not hungry we don’t eat. Simple.

I am wearing…grey pyjama bottoms, blue polo shirt, cosy blue hoodie.

I am creating…a crocheted bolero cardigan top for myself. Yes myself!! Not for sale, not for a gift, my first crocheted project for my own self.

I am going…for a job interview on Wednesday. Just a few hours here and there in the summer term, but at least it will be earning money again and will give me a bit of pride about my function in life.

I am wondering…if we can afford to go away for a few nights over a weekend soon. Kevin can’t get time off during term time and with all the rebuilding work at school over the holidays he can’t really be spared then either, which leaves us with very little choice about when we can get some family time. We are committed to something or other for the next five or six weekends and so if we are to get any time away at all we are going to have to prioritise what we can miss. It’s a tough decision and is not as easy as it might appear.

I am reading… “The Hanging Shed” by Gordon Ferris. It is a story set in post-war Scotland and involves an ex-policeman (who is now a journalist) returning to his hometown at the request of a boyhood friend who has been convicted of murder and is set to be hanged in four weeks’ time. Brodie, the journalist, works alongside the solicitor to try to put together more evidence to secure an appeal but as he is on the trail, life becomes more and more dangerous for him. It’s a bit good!

I am hoping…for an early night tonight.

I am praying for…Josh who has just been deployed to Afghanistan; Jackie who is looking to be discharged from hospital into the care of a nursing home later this week; Lucas and Ruby, and their parents; my Gran, who is struggling.

I am looking forward to…finishing the first part of my ALM course tomorrow night.

I am learning…that my limits are greatly reduced from that which I expect of myself.

Around the house…things are “lived in”…ahem…..

I am pondering…making a cup of tea after posting this.

A favourite quote for today:

politically correct
One of my favourite things…is hot toasted crumpets with lashings of butter dripping through the holes.

A few plans for the rest of the week: ALM course tomorrow night, job interview and Bible study Wednesday, band meeting Friday.

A peek into my day…I am busy putting together a linked set of blog posts about my native Manchester and I have been out and about with my camera today taking pictures to accompany them. Here is a picture I took of a very famous author’s house that she lived in from 1850 until her death in 1865. She was born in London and grew up in Knutsford but lived in this house with her husband and her surviving children in her later years.  If I tell you that this house in 84 Plymouth Grove you could probably work it out. I’ll be doing a more in-depth post about her later on, but for now, can you guess who lived here?

84 Plymouth Grove
84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester



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