Daybook Entry – 24th March

Daybook Entry



Outside my window… surprisingly snow free (unlike the rest of the country) but bitterly cold.

I am thinking… about how things change: do they always have to change/why does everything change when you want it to carry on as it is/is change always a good thing/can I keep up with all the changes that are going on around me?

I am thankful… for the unfailing love and support of my family. That’s something that never changes!

In the kitchen… we had chicken and mushroom pie, roast potatoes and peas for tea and there is an apple pie in the oven and ice-cream in the freezer waiting to top it. Yummy.

I am wearing… NOT MY BLUE HOODIE FOR A CHANGE!!!! I swear that garment has been grafted onto my back this winter but in a determined attempt to change (there’s that word again….) I’m wearing a pink polo shirt, a pink jumper and grey pyjama bottoms.

I am creating… a blanket for Ethan. I’ve done all the squares and I’m working my way through piecing it together. A bit of a nightmare because the central panels are rectangular not square and it’s making my head ache…

I am going… to have a busy week this coming week.

I am wondering… why on earth we didn’t buy more wine yesterday….sigh….

I am reading… “Bitter Water” by Gordon Ferris. It’s the second in a series and although not as sharp as the first (so far, but I’m only about a quarter the way in) it’s a great bedtime read and I’m enjoying reading a story set in post-war Glasgow.

I am hoping… that apple pie is quick in the oven!

I am praying for… my church; my family; my vicar; friends on the other side of the world

I am looking forward to… having a kid-free weekend next weekend.

I am learning… to keep my mouth shut!!

Around the house… well, it’s Sunday evening and the family have all been home this weekend so you can be sure it’s looking lived in.

I am pondering… a shower now, or just before bed….?

A favourite quote for today: “Hosanna, Hosanna!!!”

One of my favourite things… is Sunday evenings with my family.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play in the morning, service at church tomorrow night for the Annunciation, communion service Tuesday morning at the local care centre, Baptism Preparation evening Wednesday evening, finishing Ethan’s blanket.

A peek into my day… I would normally share a picture here but today being Palm Sunday and having had a wonderful time this morning at church, I thought I would share with you one of the hymns we sang today. I hope you like it. It’s called “In Christ Alone” and this video shows it being sung by its writer, Stuart Townend.




Come and join us at and join in!!


1 thought on “Daybook Entry – 24th March”

  1. I like the video, Pam. Thank you very much for this! Your musings about change are very interesting. You give a good picture how you spent your day. I bet you’re looking forward to some warmer weather. It’s unbelievable what a severe winter you’ve had and so much snow in so many parts of England! Take care. I can imagine the Easter week is going to keep you fully occupied. My prayers are with you. Cheerio, Uta.


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