Daybook Entry – 12th April

Daybook Entry




Outside my window… it’s dark, but the sky is a strange yellowy/orangey colour. It’s as if the sulphurous fires of hell are burning above.

I am thinking… about how just DOING IT is sometimes the best cure for anxiety.

I am thankful… for the gentle support and encouragement from my close loved ones.

In the kitchen… Ethan and I made some rock cakes this afternoon which turned out rather well despite my oven’s temperature settings being about 60 degrees too hot haha!!

I am wearing… jeans and grey t-shirt.

I am creating… I’m in the process of making two throw rugs for Emma. She has asked for “cream, beige and neutral”. It’s looking nice so far but having difficulty with calculating how big to do the centre panels so that they match four smaller patches. I’ve resorted to drawing it out on squared paper.

I am going… on a course tomorrow for the day about Safeguarding and Safe Practice in Ministry. Sounds thrilling doesn’t it…?

I am wondering… how much worse Kevin’s cold is going to get before he realises he needs MEDICATION and REST.

I am reading… “Poppet” by Mo Hayder.

I am hoping… Emma makes the right decision.

I am praying for… Jenna, who has flown out to Afghanistan today on a 6 month tour of duty as a paramedic. She has worked as a medic before, escorting wounded soldiers on the flights back home but this time she is going to be on the front line.

I am looking forward to… Monday morning.

I am learning… that being a parent is easier when they are babies.

Around the house… it needs a bit of tidy. Oops.

I am pondering… another brew before bed? Or not?

A favourite quote for today: “Music is how feelings sound”

One of my favourite things… is seeing young people flourish like flowers when they are given a bit of encouragement and praise.

A few plans for the rest of the week: training course tomorrow, church Sunday morning, job interview Tuesday, worship group Tuesday night.

A peek into my day… I’m cheating slightly because this was the other day. I have been making some crocheted owls recently and I thought they would be nice if they had a small package of lavender in them and this is the result. You can see a small round bag which is for the owl just out of shot, and the more baggy type bags are something I made to go in my airing cupboard. It was a bit trial and error to start with but I think I’ve hit on the right dimensions and way of sewing them up now so I’ll making them to sell too. I love the smell of lavender, it’s so soothing. This has got to be the best craft project I’ve ever tackled!

Lavender bags in the making. Smell is divine!!
Lavender bags in the making. Smell is divine!!

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