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Share Your World – 2013 Week 16

This is a new meme for me, and I’m joining in for the first time. Thank you Retired Ruth for the heads up on this!!

The way it works is Cee will post new questions each week and you answer them on your own blog, linking back to her and her other readers. Click on the badge to the side here and you will be taken to her page for this week. Come and join in!

share-your-world2Are you awake before dawn?Β  Or are you awake before noon?

I am sometimes awake all night, so technically yes I’m awake before dawn. If I do stay awake all night and am awake as daylight breaks I usually fall asleep shortly afterwards and then wake up groggy a couple of hours later and drag myself towards noon. I feel at my best when I wake up naturally early, and at this time of the year I love that golden sunlight we see around 5/5.30am. It makes me want to make the most of the day ahead and it’s a great feeling.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

I detest being late, and being right on time is stressful to me because it has the potential to make me late so I try to be early for everything. My husband, however, believes that the car is a time machine and we don’t have to leave the house until a minute or so before we are due to arrive somewhere. It’s a constant source of tension between us but after nearly 22 years of being married to him he hasn’t sussed out yet that when I’m in charge of timings, I deliberately tell him the wrong time we have to be there mwahahaahahahaaaa!

For your potato chips do you prefer ridged or flat ones?

Ridged ones hold their flavour better than flat ones but they tend to be thicker, which hurts my mouth if I’m not careful so I tend to go for flat ones.

If you could inherit a vacation home anywhere in the world in which you could spend two months a year, where would it be?

I would choose somewhere remote, near a beach with crashing waves and plenty of rocks to go and explore. It could be absolutely anywhere in the world so long as there was plenty of sky, sea, wind and nature. The Shetlands or Anglesey would be nice, but so too would be Maine or Massachusetts or anywhere in New Zealand. I would use the time to write, paint, walk, dream, meditate, relax and refresh.


rugged coastline


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