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The Effect of Reading



4 thoughts on “The Effect of Reading”

  1. You would be astonished how many teachers have not read a book since graduation except for the courses they teach. I taught for 33 years and never stopped reading. Some fiction and some non fiction reading is part of my day every day and now add blog posts like this to the agenda.


  2. My excuse for not reading extensively is that my eyesight is often playing up.
    I know, Pam, that you read a lot. I do admire you for this. I sometimes wished that I would manage to read a bit more. There are so many books I would still like to read!


    1. If you like books and reading, why don’t you try audio books instead? I wasn’t very keen on them at first but there are times now when because of my medication I can’t focus properly to read and I’ve started listening to talking books as well as reading. I’ve found that my taste for listening books is a bit different to my reading books so my field of interest has widened too! I can’t imagine a life without books and stories so it’s a good compromise 🙂


      1. I used to read big novels. I read for instance all the novels by Susan Howatch. I could get these from the library. But these days I just seem always to be running out of time. Maybe the blogger world has a bit to do with this! Plus that old age is catching up with me.
        Some E-Books I’ve read already and liked them. But I haven’t tried out audio books yet.
        Peter is a slow reader too, But we own thousands of books. Many we both haven’t read yet. Not enough time!
        I keep thinking, Pam, didn’t you want to write a novel?


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