Daybook Entry – 22nd April

Daybook Entry


Outside my window… it’s pretty miserable out there. Not exactly raining but not exactly dry neither. That sort of “wet air” that makes your hair frizzy and leaves your washing damp but that doesn’t actually water the grass and the flowers.

I am thinking… about a passage I read in a Tom Wright book this morning where he talks about being “Easter people” and how we should make much more of Easter than we do. He likens Lent as a season where if we were gardeners we would be hoeing and weeding, raking out the dead stuff, clearing out the rubbish etc. He says that all that preparation is for what, one day? He argues that we should spend the next six weeks until Ascension as balancing out that clearing and preparing by being creative – starting new projects, planting new seeds, being creative and joyful, feasting and laying the foundations for the future and so on.

I am thankful… for my husband who yet again has gone the extra mile to help me today.

In the kitchen… we had barbecue chicken, hash browns, mozzarella fingers and sweetcorn for dinner. It was all a bit beige-looking on the plate but was joyously tasty and was one of those meals that none of us wanted to end.

I am wearing… jogging bottoms, a hoodie and a t-shirt.

I am creating… two blankets for Emma and Sam to have as throws on their settee.

I am going… to watch a TV show being filmed later this week. Uber excited!!

I am wondering… if I’ll be well enough to go to the studios….

I am reading… I’ve just finished “Little Girl Lost” by Brian McGilloway and will be starting “Pilgrim Soul” by Gordon Ferris later this evening.

I am hoping… I have a better day tomorrow.

I am praying for… Nicola who is grieving the stillbirth of her daughter Jessica this weekend; Helen who had a job interview this afternoon.

I am looking forward to… the next part of my ALM course which starts on Thursday evening. We are beginning the section of our training that focuses on our elected speciality. I am going to be studying/training for prayer and spirituality within my church and it’s something I want to serve my community with.

I am learning… that the emotional hole left after my daughter moved out is not actually going to kill me and the pain isn’t as raw this week as it was when she first went. I think acceptance plays a big part of that adjustment. Acceptance and time.

Around the house... I’ve decided I need a housekeeper. And a maid. And a cleaner. And a gardener. And a laundry expert. And a cook. And a chauffer…. In other words, it’s a mess and I need an army to help me get it back on track!

I am pondering… where to go camping in the summer. North or South? East or West? North-east? Coast or inland? Wales or Scotland?

A favourite quote for today: 

earth day

picture found on Facebook

One of my favourite things… is walking about barefoot.

A few plans for the rest of the week: money counting in the morning, TV show filming later on, start of ALM course part 2, band AGM on Friday night.

A peek into my day… no picture today dear reader, it has not been a very good day for the Pamster and words is all I can manage. I promise a proper picture next time!!


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2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 22nd April”

  1. Well, Pam, I must say you managed words very well again. Thanks for writing! You have a great many activities coming up. Wishing you all the best for being able to do all this. Hope your week is getting better as you go along.

    By the way, if you hear where one can find a housekeeper, maid, cleaner etc. please let me know. Every little bit of help would be most welcome here in Australia too!

    None of our children live with us anymore. It’s always great when one of our children comes to visit. Our youngest daughter has just been seeing us which was of course great. But she had to go back to Sydney after just one overnight stay. Still, we enjoyed her visit very much.

    What you mention about “Easter people” is quite thought provoking. Even though I didn’t quite manage to do enough for Lent, I intend to enjoy good food and live the good life as much as possible. I might even be able to catch up on a few things I should have been doing during Lent.

    Here in Australia the 25th of April is Anzac Day, a public holiday. Very moving ceremonies take place on this day.

    Thanks for posting, Pam. Best wishes, Uta.

    PS: I quite like the Earth Day picture!


    1. Thank you Uta, I always look forward to hearing your comments on my blog 🙂

      I am starting to feel a bit better today thank you my fingers are definitely crossed for the activities later in the week. It’s St George’s Day here in England today. He’s the patron saint of our country and the tale is that he slayed a dragon to save England – all very medieval!!


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