The Wish List, part one

Stolen from the guys at Sunday Stealing. Hop on over to join in if you wish!

1.) What are 3 things on your Wish list and why?  

i.        I wish I could go and visit Norway to see the Northern Lights. I think it would be a magical experience and I would love the feeling of being something tiny and insignificant in the face of such an awesome display from nature.

ii.        I wish I could take decent photographs. I can see the picture I want in my mind’s eye but it never really makes it to the camera. It certainly doesn’t make it to the computer screen where all my photos seem to lose the “glossy” quality I can see on the camera screen if I’m ever successful enough to get it in the first place. I think it has something to do with understanding complicated mathematical things like focal length and shutter speed/aperture size but it just leaves me baffled.

iii.        I wish sometimes that I could still hold my children on my knee like when they were babies and toddlers. I seemed to be too busy at the time they were that small and I miss that.

2.) What do you miss about your childhood? 

My cosy little bedroom and the bed my Dad built for me himself. I shared the back bedroom with my younger brother Alan until my youngest brother John was born and because there were two boys then, I could have the box-room all to myself. The room was a bit of an awkward shape and size so my Dad built me a bed which was ace. A little piece of heaven!

3.) What do you do on your spare time on the weekends? 

All my time is spare at the minute! I guess this is a question about hobbies though? If so, I like to read (that little piece of escapist heaven again), I like to crochet, I like to cycle when I’m up to it and I like to mess about rewriting music for fun. Oh, and I keep a more or less daily blog too.

4.) What do you appreciate most in your life? 

The support of my husband.

5.) Would you rather be rich or healthy? 

Healthy. If you’ve got your health then the world is your oyster. You can be as rich as Croesus but if you don’t have your health then you can’t really enjoy life can you?

6.) If you could go back in time would you and why? 

I would only go back if I could go back as the person I am today. I would hate to revisit the person I was in the past but if I could take the life lessons and appreciation I have for things now back with me then yes, definitely I’d go back and do it all again.

7.) Favourite game as a child? 

French cricket played in the street. I’m not sure it was a “proper” game or whether it was one of those street games that got passed on between kids, but we played it with my Dad’s old cricket bat that was scarred and battered, and which had so many treatments of linseed oil it was a dark mahogany colour. I can still recall the smell of that bat all these years later.

8.) What is your dream career? 

If money was no object then I would be a professional hospital visitor. Or a care home visitor. Or even a prison visitor. If I could do it all day every day I would go and just sit with people who had nobody else to come and visit them and would love to sit and listen to their stories. Maybe pray with them, play a game or something. Just be a friend to people.

9.) What do you do in your free time? 

I’m sure I just answered that one….

10.) Favourite clothing stores? 

Any shop that sells clothes that fit me is a favourite of mine!

11.) What TV shows can’t you live without? 

“Can’t live without” is a bit strong…. But my favourites at the moment are The Big Bang Theory and The Office (US version).

the big bang theory the office us

12.) 3 things you need in your life are: 

Family, friends, faith.

13.) What can’t you sleep without? 

I can sleep pretty much anywhere with or without anything in particular.

14.) What are you currently a nerd for? 

Apart from TBBT and The Office? Um….

15.) What is your favourite seasoning? 

Rosemary and thyme.

16.) What is your favourite wild animal? 


17.) Name 3 of your favourite childhood shows: 

Willo the Wisp, Rentaghost, Multi-coloured Swap Shop.

willow-the-wisp rentaghost multicoloured swap shop

18.) If you could live as a character in a movie who would it be? 

I would be Maid Marion in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, but only so long as it was Kevin Costner who was Robin….


19.) Favourite vegetable? 


20.) Favourite Fruit? 


21.) If you had a dragon what would you name it? 


22.) What do you put on hotdogs? 

Ketchup and mustard

23.) Do you play online games? 

I’m a Pioneer Trail addict. And I don’t use the word “addict” lightly…..cursed game….

24.) What’s your favourite way to get inspired? 

Daydream. It’s amazing what comes filtering through your mind when you let it out for a wander.

25.) Do you have a middle name?

No, sadly. My nomenclature identity is straightforward and dull. Sigh such is life.

My dragon, Arthur
My dragon, Arthur

6 thoughts on “The Wish List, part one”

    1. I’d like to think that if ever I was institutionalised someone would do the same for me. I would really like to think my family would be there (option A!) but if ever I was lost and lonely then option B would be for someone to come and make me feel like I hadn’t been forgotten in the system. I think there’s plenty of people who fall down the cracks in our hospitals and care homes and the staff have only so much time to give so yeah, it would be a nice thing to do 🙂


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