Daybook Entry – 5th May

Before I begin, allow me the privilege of wishing my baby brother a very happy birthday today. At 35 John, you’ve still got a few years to catch me up yet!!

And on we go:

Daybook Entry

Outside my window… I can see my son playing football with his friend in the street. Aren’t we all glad there are light nights at last!

I am thinking… about the furniture we need to get for Ethan’s new room

I am thankful… that it’s a Bank Holiday tomorrow

In the kitchen… we have just had a de-constructed paella. It didn’t start out that way, I was only intending to cook some sort of tomato saucy thing to have with rice and it ended up chorizo, onions, chicken, mushrooms, prawns and chopped tomatoes to accompany the rice. I did the onions and mushrooms then discovered a chorizo and some cooked chicken that needed to be used up, and then when I went on the hunt for some frozen peas I found some prawns that looked too tempting to ignore so they got thrown in too. I may have well as thrown it all into the pot to start with and cooked it as a paella but hey ho!

I am wearing… grey pj bottoms, light blue t-shirt

I am creating… a couple of throws for Emma’s sofa

I am going… to watch Emma on parade for the VE Day anniversary tomorrow in Manchester city centre

I am wondering… how my Gran is doing. I’ve not seen her or spoken to her for too long

I am reading… “Hiding From The Light” by Barbara Erskine. It’s a fantasy/historical story that time-slips between the present day and the 1660’s and the world of Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General

I am hoping… that Kevin will go and get some ice-cream out of the freezer soon (cheeky!)

I am praying for… Baby Lucas who has been in hospital all week and was allowed home today; Blackley Band who are going to be travelling to Germany this week to represent Manchester at a town twinning celebration; my friend Joyce who has had a cataract operation which has left her unable to drive or to read because her glasses no longer have the correct prescription and she can’t get new ones for at least six months until her eyes have healed

I am looking forward to… sitting in the garden this week with my book in the sunshine

I am learning… sometimes the best way to win an argument is to say nothing at all

Around the house… it looks like a bomb has hit it. We swapped Emma and Ethan’s bedrooms yesterday as Emma no longer lives here and Ethan has more than outgrown the tiny boxroom. We have boxed up Emma’s remaining belongings and we are taking the opportunity to throw some long-held “treasures” out of the loft at the same time, and as our house is quite small there’s nowhere to put everything so we have got boxes and crates of STUFF all over the place until we can rearrange/remove/re-store it all

I am pondering… where to go on holiday this summer. It’s an exciting prospect and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of exploring this marvellous country of ours

A favourite quote for today: We have been learning about Jacob and Esau in Sunday School today and when I introduced the topic for the day, I made sure the children knew that the pronunciation of Esau was unusual. “Eeeeeeee Sorrrrrrr. OK Children? Eeeeeee Sorrrrrrr”. At the end of the session, as we were handing over to parents, one little boy – Harvey, 4 – told his Mummy that we had been learning about “Jacob and Horsey”. I LOVE IT!!!!

One of my favourite things… is working with kids. They ALWAYS manage to make me look at the world a little differently

A few plans for the rest of the week: watching the parade tomorrow afternoon in town, study group Wednesday night at church, watching Ethan in a play on Thursday after school, band on Friday.

A peek into my day…

isaac rebekah jacob esau
This is taken from the material I used this morning in Sunday School.  As you can see, we have Isaac and Rebekah who are holding their twins Jacob and “Horsey”……

Come and join us at and join in!!


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