Daybook Entry – 20th May

Daybook Entry

Outside my window… it has been a fairly dull day today. Not raining but not sunshining neither. Just one of those typically “English” days. It’s going dark now.

I am thinking… about a difficult situation I’m trying to handle.

I am thankful… for such a lot of things in my life at the moment.

In the kitchen… we had fishcakes for tea. Very nice!

I am wearing… jeans and a black tshirt.

I am creating… a couple of throws for Emma and a crocheted owl to give to a friend.

I am going… on a training day tomorrow about working with children in church.

I am wondering… about whether I should head towards bed yet or not.

I am reading… “Inferno” by Dan Brown.

I am hoping… my hair doesn’t go frizzy overnight. I know that sounds really shallow but it is in desperate need of a cut and it is prone to go really frizzy instead of just curly. I’ve put some frizz-ease spray on it this morning after I’d washed it and I don’t really want to have to wash it again tomorrow if it goes messy overnight. I wouldn’t normally bother about it but I’m on a training day with other people from the diocese and I don’t want to be marked down as that madwoman with the mad hair. My body size draws more than enough negative attention as it is so to have Sideshow Bob hair on top makes me REALLY self-conscious!!

I am praying for… my brother and my nephew who are facing a tough day tomorrow; my cousin G who is facing a tough couple of years; my Mum and Dad; my Gran.

I am looking forward to… having Ethan at home next week; getting some time away in the caravan in the summer.

I am learning… more about my own spirituality and how to help others with theirs.

Around the house… things are…meh…..tidy I suppose…..

I am pondering… prayers for study group on Wednesday evening. I have been asked to lead some prayers and I want to try and do something involved and meaningful for everyone but without going over the top and making everyone cry.

A favourite quote for today: “I’m proud of you”, spoken by a friend. It means a lot.

One of my favourite things… Is teaching babies how to high-five!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: training tomorrow, study group Wednesday evening, ALM training Thursday evening, band Friday, more church training Saturday morning, leading worship Sunday morning.

A peek into my day…

big bang theory photo
After a very hectic morning at Stay and Play I spent the afternoon catching up with the new series of The Big Bang Theory and watching a couple of my favourite older episodes. I love this programme – it’s so funny and clever, and I would love to give Sheldon a big hug. Bazinga!!


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9 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 20th May”

    1. ALM stands for Authorised Lay Ministry – I’m being trained to be an authorised lay minister at my church this year. We are building a team of lay ministers to support our priest, and there is someone whose speciality is Worship, one who is leading the pastoral aspect of church, and my area is “prayer and spirituality”. Gradually we will be adding to the team to incorporate a Children’s specialist, someone to work on community outreach etc. It’s an exciting prospect and it’s great to see our church gaining strength and presence in the community like this.


      1. Fantastic! Your church sounds like it is growing and vibrant, which is always great. If you don’t mind my asking, am I right in assuming that it’s Church of England?


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