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Daybook Entry – 23rd June

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FOR TODAY – 23rd June (my husband’s birthday)

Outside my window… grey skies, drizzly rain, dusk is falling. My garden is showing promise with several peony heads burgeoning and about to burst forth.

I am thinking… about a lot of things have come to mind and settled in my mind over the weekend. We have been away with a group of people from across the parishes in our Mission Partnership to a Christian outward bound/young people’s centre in the Lake District (called the Kepplewray Project) where we have been thinking about “mess”, and what it means to have “messy lives”. We have been talking and praying and thinking about why God gives us mess to deal with; where does mess cross the line with “sin”?; what happens when we leave our burdens with Christ?; how do we use that gift of experience to help others? It has been a wonderful experience talking things over with people we wouldn’t usually get chance to talk to, and I can honestly say that some solid friendships were established this weekend.

I am thankful… for the opportunity to think about what God is saying to me; to my parents for looking after things back at home while I’ve been away; for my husband for putting up with my snotty tears and emotional dam-bursting session last night.

In the kitchen… lasagne for the boy, a cup of tea for the grown ups. We have been fed like kings this weekend!

I am wearing… comfy sloppy joes.

I am creating… a new style/technique blanket based on the “cluny” stitch.

I am going… to get to bed early tonight. The last two nights sleeping in a kid’s single bed in an outward bound centre has played havoc with my spine!

I am wondering… what real change can be brought about in my community following our exciting and inspirational discussion last night.

I am reading… “Watch Over Me” by Daniela Sacardoti.

I am hoping… that my Dad’s health isn’t about to take a sinister turn. I can’t talk about it yet, but I will do when he’s been to the doctor this week.

I am praying for… the people of Blackley; my parents who have got a lot on their plate at the minute; guidance, wisdom and strength.

I am looking forward to… some time to myself this week ahead.

I am learning… to control my irritation with things that are beyond my control.

Around the house… things are a bit messy. Well, it is the evening after a weekend away…!

I am pondering… another G&T before bedtime.

A favourite quote for today: “God is for life, not just for Christians” (as said by my husband this morning).

One of my favourite things… is driving in our lovely countryside, especially over the Lakeland Fells.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play in the morning, a couple of meetings about my role in church, and plenty of crocheting.

A peek into my weekend…

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As you can see, we had some time away from the centre to enjoy the Lakeland fells and my favourite place on earth, Wast Water. We also had some fun as evidenced by the “quiz table” and the trick shot on the pool table. We had a great time!!

Come and join us at and join in!!


4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 23rd June”

    1. The bleakness is exactly why I love the place. There is only one road in, and only one side is accessible. It serves as a reminder to me that we are insignificant specks when we stand in the ageless landscape which have remained unchanged for millennia. I like the fact that in 20 years from now, my photographs of that place will be exactly the same as these, as they were 20 years ago. Where else can you say the same thing? Certainly not a city like Manchester!! I needed to be reminded of my place in the grand scheme of things this weekend, and Wast Water is the place to do it.


    1. Haha!! In answer to your messiness question, on this occasion it was because I left my 14yr old son under the supervision of my Dad and they spent their time riding bikes, playing card games and having a Wii competition!

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. It’s difficult to convey the sheer immenseness of the area on photos. It’s much better to visit them in person to get the full impact .


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