Books and Reading



Found on Facebook. This is so true.


5 thoughts on “Reading….”

    1. Indeed!! I think there’s a saying that goes something like “he who reads books lives a thousand lives and dies a thousand deaths, but he who does not read lives but once”. Can’t remember if that’s it exactly or who said it, but it’s true enough.


  1. Hope all is well with you and that you have been quiet here on the blog this past week because you having a busy, fantastic week!



    1. Hi Mary thanks for your message, I’m touched that you’ve noticed my sparse posting at the moment. I’m actually away on holiday at the moment, but last week was spent involved with a few family issues. I was going to do a post today but time has got the better of me, and being in the middle of a field at the moment, connectivity to the internet is only through tethering on my husband’s phone! We’re off to visit London tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to write about it tomorrow night. Watch this space! 🙂 Pam


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