High Days and Holidays – Part One

I must apologise for being so remiss in my blog posts recently, but things have been rather hectic at home with a few family things going on and rather a lot at church. It has meant that it is only now, the fourth day into my holiday, that I can finally put fingers to keyboard and let you know what’s been happening.

We are currently on holiday in our little caravan on a lovely campsite in the village of Hurley, which is in Berkshire. The site is on the banks of the Thames and we have enjoyed a lovely walk through the nature trail and up the river from here and we’re looking forward to a longer walk on Wednesday to investigate the locks and the boating club further upriver.

We arrived here on Friday, after the most gruelling journey I’ve ever experienced towing a caravan. We were on a deadline to get to the site before 8pm, which was the latest time we could book in, and we hit not one but THREE major traffic jams on the M6 and the M42, more than tripling our expected journey time. We had a last stop of Warwick Services and were finally looking forward to a cup of tea but when we checked the SatNav we realised that we didn’t have time as Tom was telling us we


** UPDATE **

It would appear that my original post cut off as above – sorry about this, it’s because of the unreliable wi-fi and internet connection I’ve got here in the field. I will redo it later tonight and fill you in on the missing bits!!


2 thoughts on “High Days and Holidays – Part One”

  1. Did you make before 8pm? When did you get your cup of tea?
    Great that you can go on so many walks. Enjoy every bit of your holiday!
    Looking forward to hear more about it eventually. Cheerio, Uta. 🙂


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