Specks In Time

I had one of those moments today.

One where the collection of sliding thoughts in my head suddenly aligned themselves in a new way and something clicked.

We visited the National Showcaves of Wales today at Dan yr Ogof, which was part caves and part dinosaur park. Not the real ones I hasten to add! There were lots of other stuff too – information on the types of rocks in the area and how they were formed, information about how the cave systems were formed over the millennia, which dinosaurs were alive at which period etc. It was as I was reading the timeline of the epochs that my “moment” came to me.

I was reading about how the earth’s crust was initially just two continental plates that over time have drifted apart and as the sea levels have changed, the shape of the world as we know it began to emerge. I was chewing that information over, along with the facts I’d just read about igneous rocks and how the metamorphic rocks formed the Alps etc when it struck me that the Earth has undergone such brutal changes in its history already, who is to say that it has finished?

I have heard it said that if we equate the Earth’s timeline to that of a clock, man has appeared at one minute to midnight.

But that gives me another thing to think about: what if it isn’t a minute to midnight at all, but still only 4 o’clock in the afternoon?

There is so much more to come, surely. Why are we as a species so arrogant and presumptuous to assume that we are the pinnacle of creation and that we are the end of the story? Surely we are just a very short moment in a very long time.

It puts all our petty prejudices and suspicions into perspective doesn’t it? If there have been several versions of humans before us, it therefore stands to reason that there will be many more after us. If that’s true, then why do we get so bogged down with the things that divide us instead of just getting on with it, living with each other in harmony and working together for the good of us all?

In the global sense, we are all one species regardless of race, culture, nationality, tribal origin, ethnicity, gender etc. In the long history of time itself we could easily be wiped out just as the dinosaurs were and nobody knows what the next million years has in store for us. In the meantime, how nice would it be if we didn’t see how we are different from one another and begin to see the things we have in common?

Incidentally, the show caves were amazing. I was blown away by the fact that the rock formations we saw today have taken millions of years to get to the stage they are today just by steady drip, drip, dripping of water of rocks and minerals. Mind blowing.

I called this "God's Laundry" - it's a stalagmite that has formed flat, like a sheet on the washing line in the Dan yr Ogof caves, Wales
I called this “God’s Laundry” – it’s a stalagmite that has formed flat, like a sheet on the washing line in the Dan yr Ogof caves, Wales


Update: this was my 1000th post! Thank you for journeying with me. Here’s to the next 1000. Pam.



4 thoughts on “Specks In Time”

  1. In regard to all being one race-see my post 23rd April ‘Mongrel Nation’. (You don’t have to-I’m not into self promotion, just think its relevant!)
    And about there being more to come-we have had more than one ice age, in fact we have had a few. At some point surely it will come again. But on a more positive, happier note: congratulations on your 1000th post! Quite an achievement. I’ve not hit 100 yet.


  2. We are stardust! literally.
    In science class several years ago, the teacher showed a video (I think made by National Geographic) about the formation of the Earth and Solar System starting with the Big Bang and all the stages it has been through. Not just the Ice Age, but several Ice Ages. Its a fascinating topic. I am more likely to believe that its just past midnight and there is a lot more to come!


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