Daybook Entry 12th September

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Outside my window… it’s dull and drizzly. Not very autumnal at all.

I am thinking… about the songs we’re going to sing later tonight at church.

I am thankful… for my musical gift.

In the kitchen… it’s gonna be a hodgepodge meal tonight. Not been shopping since last weekend and the fridge and cupboards are distinctly bare.

I am wearing… shorts and a grey t-shirt. The shorts are not a good idea in this weather but I’ve been at the PC all day and I’ve had the fan blowing hot air at my legs all day. Very uncomfortable.

I am creating… a blanket for Emma’s house, still working my way through an army of Minions I’ve got orders for! I am going… to music group tonight.

I am wondering… how my cousin Kathryn is getting on, this her last evening of being a single lady!

I am reading… “The Mermaids Singing” by Val McDermid. It’s a bit grisly in places but I’m enjoying the story. I’ll do a book review when I’ve finished it.

I am hoping… Kevin doesn’t come home late tonight, we need to be out early.

I am praying for… my cousin Kathryn and her fiancé Lee who are getting married tomorrow; my friend Joyce who moved house this week; for guidance and strength to cope with a particular set of circumstances that are bothering me just now.

I am looking forward to… music tonight, wedding tomorrow, barbecue Saturday night.

I am learning… prayer REALLY works!!

Around the house… meh…..

I am pondering… how three-man chess would work in real life.

A favourite quote for today: 

thought for the day

 This ties in quite nicely with my prayers for guidance on my own stuff at the moment. Thank you Homer!

One of my favourite things… is getting into a nice clean bed having just had a shower or a bath and wearing nice clean pyjamas.

A few plans for the rest of the week: music tonight, wedding tomorrow, staying in a luxury hotel tomorrow night, barbecue on Saturday night with some friends

A peek into my day…



I’ve been working on this and six others all day today.  All Sibbed out now!



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4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry 12th September”

  1. “It’s dull and drizzly. Not very autumnal at all.” I’m curious to know what you think of as autumn weather? While we can have brilliant crisp clear autumn days here, we also can have drizzly, chilly days that have always seemed like the perfect sort of autumn day to sip hot tea and make and eat gingerbread!


    1. I see what you mean, but to me, this early in autumn, we should be having clear crisp skies with that tang of winter in the air. Cold walks in the fields and home with ruddy cheeks to a glass of something warning. Grey and drizzly is just…. meh……


    1. Thanks Mary! I like to change it now and again, usually add the seasons change. I do the same in the house too and swap round my furniture in the living room when I feel restless. Keeps the boys on their toes!


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