Seven Word Saturday

Luxury rooms are nice; my bed’s nicer!

We spent the night at Kilworth House last night, a fantastic hotel in the Leicestershire countryside where my cousin’s wedding was held.

It was a beautiful place and our room was gorgeous. The bed could have comfortably slept at least four people, and the shower was strong enough to straighten my hair! It was a lovely treat to be in such lovely surroundings, and for a joyous occasion too. The journey there was pretty awful but we had a very nice run back home again today which made up for it.

We’ve been to friends this evening for a barbecue and party, which was brilliant. I love meeting new people, and for two nights running now I’ve been privileged to do just that.

However nice the hotel room was and how comfy the bed was, I’m ever so glad to be back in my own pit tonight.

You can’t beat your own bed, can you?!

2 thoughts on “Seven Word Saturday

  1. Yes, I agree that it is always nice to get home to your own bed. We are heading out to our nephew’s wedding on Wednesday, and will be staying with Joe’s brother for two nights, and at the hotel, close to the reception location, for one night. I know we will be happy to be home in our own bed, nice as it is to see family and friends – especially for joyous occasions!


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