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2 thoughts on “Good Advice”

  1. I agreed with all of this, nodding my way through it. The novelty of the most sacred precious moment in a couples lives being ruined by some you tubed idiot communal dance wore off pretty quickly. Some of the ‘blame’ has to go to modern media which not only encourages this sort of nonsense but also provides couples with so many more options than their grandparents. Celeb marriages lasting less time time than the hot pot are common and almost celebrated by gutter press. Disposable marriages are an option for our children. ‘Choice’ was that much more limited and saw a girl marry perhaps the only convenient man around, be he much older, cruel to her or a drunkard gambler. Life was a dedication to him or her and the kids and I’ve often heard older folk say they ‘learned to love’ their partner. Love is love and isn’t shallow or deep. True love which is the kind parents feel for children and real couples feel for each other either is or is not. What’s going on now is devaluing the institution of marriage and will have, no is having a detrimental effect on society and morals.


    1. I agree with you here Dave, thanks for this. Your last point got me thinking. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms but yes, the institution of marriage has been devalued over the years and yes, it’s having an effect on society and morals. Kids struggling in school today because of chaotic home lives or disjointed family life are bound to suffer educationally as well as emotionally, and we are losing the skills to hold the family unit together as the generations turn over. As we have all but lost our skills in manufacturing, engineering, plumbing etc so too are we losing our domestic skills – balancing the books, cooking, mending, loving, working at overcoming problems…. I think there’s another post brewing here!


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