Daybook Entry – 13th October

I realise it has been a week since I last posted but please forgive me friends. As you will discover further down my post you’ll see I’ve been a bit distracted this week with studying but I promise I’ll be better this coming week. To bring you up to date with what’s happening on the Mushy Cloud I thought I would do a daybook entry today because it helps to focus things in a few sentences rather than great long tracts of stuff. Thank you for sticking with me!

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Outside my window… it’s nearly winter out there!!! Wow, where did that cold air come from? Oh yes, that’s right, the ARCTIC! Actually I’m glad it’s so cold out there because it makes my nice cosy little nest seem even cosier and nestier. Lights on, candles lit, fire on, X Factor results on, doors shut and wine open. Yup. Autumn is well and truly here.
I am thinking… how I’m a lucky girl to have such a wonderful and safe place to live (although, watching Kevin wrestling with a not-quite-blown-out-match in the waste basket is making me reconsider the “safe” part of that statement!). No, seriously. I am lucky to have a lovely home where I am safe and loved and where I can be myself and nobody bats an eyelid about it.

I am thankful… for my family and my home.

In the kitchen… we had chicken and bacon cheesy pasta bake tonight. All made from scratch and dished up between five of us. Five plates and pasta dish all scraped clean tell me it was a success!

I am wearing… my comfy slopping about the house clothes.

I am creating… a future for myself. I have restarted my studies for my degree this week and when I graduate I’m going to get myself on a teacher-training course. I’m estimating it will take me about four years but whilst I can’t work because of my health I am going to use my time and invest in whatever future I have. And I’m crocheting minions and owls for some fun and a bit of income.

I am going… to go up to bed after the X Factor results.

I am wondering… why on earth I watch the X Factor when the ones who can sing always end up getting thrown off early and it’s always the young teenies who are marketable rather than talented who get through to the end.

I am reading… I’ve just finished reading “Mad About The Boy” by Helen Fielding and I’m at the start of the 11th instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles, “Spook’s: Slither’s Tale” by Joseph Delaney.

I am hoping… the fibre optic service is activated tomorrow. Excited!!

I am praying for… my friend Joyce; Darcy and Sue; Viv and Mark; strength and patience.

I am looking forward to… getting stuck into my studies again this week.

I am learning… the history of medicine in society from 1500 to 1930. Specifically this last week I’ve been learning about the Greek physician Galen and his theory about how the human body was a balance of four humours. Very, very interesting stuff.

Around the house… laundry done, dishwasher running, floors swept, crocheting tidy (well, almost…)

I am pondering… a cup of tea or a mug of ovaltine going to bed? (I have to point out that they would probably be made in the same vessel – why one is a “cup” of tea and the other is a “mug” of ovaltine I don’t know!).

A favourite quote for today: “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves”

One of my favourite things… is Autumnal nights in my nest.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play tomorrow morning, lots of studying and then band on Friday night. A nice quiet one this week I think.

A peek into my day… pumpkin hat

My little pumpkin beanie for kids. Lovely isn’t it?!



Come and join us at and join in!!


8 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 13th October”

  1. Yes, the beanie looks lovely. What a beautiful colour! And how busy you were again. It’s great that you enjoy your studying.The history of medicine must be an interesting subject. I enjoyed this Daybook Entry. T.Y.


  2. Love the hat.
    Agree about X Factor. Not a fan but Gill watches it. Even the best aren’t that good. I sometimes play the original YouTube versions of the songs they cover and my kids, at 12 and 14 can tell the difference in quality.
    Good luck with the studies.


    1. Thanks Dave. Studies are coming on well but I’ve received quite a few orders for hats this weekend so I’m juggling history books with crochet hooks! Gotta earn as well as learn 🙂


    1. I’m studying with the Open University at the minute Mary. The way it works is you study at home with materials they send you, and you have a tutor who assesses you through assignments throughout the course. To earn a degree you need 360 points. Each module (or course) is worth either 30 or 60 points depending on how much work is involved. So to earn a degree you need to do 6 modules of 60 points each. I’ve already done 2, this is my third and I will have another 3 to do after this. I am looking at doing two side by side next year so I will be able to complete it sooner. I’m loving it!!


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