Daybook Entry – 3rd November

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Outside my window… it’s damp, cold, misty and miserable. And the gritters are out already!

I am thinking… life is a roller coaster. Up one minute, down the next.

I am thankful… for the love and support we have in my family.

In the kitchen… we had tuna pasta bake for tea tonight. My apprentice sous-chef made it with me – thank you Ethan!!

I am wearing… jogging bottoms and a t-shirt.

I am creating… a hat for myself for winter. I made one earlier in the week but something went a bit wrong and it’s about 50% bigger than I need it, so I made one to the same pattern today but instead of using Aran wool and a 5.5mm crochet hook I used double knitting wool and a 5mm hook. It has worked out to be a bit too small – aargh!! Going to try and modify the pattern tomorrow. Anyone want a hat? I’ve got two spares!

I am going… to hit my studies hard this week. I’ve been working very hard at note-taking and rewriting (looking ahead to revision for the exam and have been working out themes and cross referencing etc) and I’m a little behind at the moment. I’m not too worried because we have a reading week coming up and I can catch up there.

I am wondering… what mark I’m going to get for my first assignment?? I submitted it yesterday morning and because it’s my first for a number of years I’m worried about how well (or not) I’ve constructed my essay. The cut-off date is Tuesday so I guess I’ll know soon enough!

I am reading…apart from reading tonnes and tonnes of stuff about medieval medicine, I’m also reading to take my mind off it and have just finished “The Ghost in the Graveyard” by Genevieve Jack. I’m about to start reading “Broken Angels” by Graham Masterton.

I am hoping…for a miraculous intervention in my financial situation soon. As the adverts on TV keep telling us, Christmas is round the corner.

I am praying for… Eddie – for rest and refreshment on his holiday; Ruby and Louise – they have a very serious operation to deal with in the next week or so; Sue – in New Zealand; Andy – recovering from a life-saving operation and adjusting to a whole new way of life; Sam and Emma – their difficulties; Ernie – it was lovely to see him in Church today; my Mum and Dad – enjoying some well-earned rest and time with my brother and his family.

I am looking forward to… Going to see “Singin’ In The Rain” at the end of November.

I am learning… lots and lots and lots about the history of medicine (fascinating stuff, and right up my street)

Around the house… an extra body in the house now means more of everything else – washing, queues for the bathroom, food, noise, love, cups of tea being made for me…

I am pondering… shower before bed, or first thing in the morning?

A favourite quote for today: This video is one that we sang today in Sunday Club (the children at church have renamed Sunday School to Sunday Club). You can see why they like it!


One of my favourite things… is singing God songs with kids!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play tomorrow morning, a re-dedication service for Emma’s ship on Wednesday, lunch with my friend on his birthday on Thursday, band on Friday, Remembrance Parade and service next Sunday.

A peek into my week…




I took my son, my niece and my nephew to the cinema this week. As you can see from this photo they were all extremely pleased to be photographed by me! Jess was so keen she didn’t even step into the frame haha!!
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