Daybook Entry – 12th November

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Outside my window… there has been bright sunshine, blue skies and cold crisp air all day. It has been a gorgeous autumnal day out there.

I am thinking… about how precious life is.

I am thankful… that I have so many positive things in my life. I am grateful for the roof over my head and the water in my taps which is something millions of people in the Philippines don’t have at the minute.

In the kitchen… we are currently “clearing out the freezer to make room for a winter stock up”. Which translates as “food shopping is off the agenda until next week’s payday so using up the odds and ends of things that make really weird meals” haha!

I am wearing… blue tracksuit bottoms, black t-shirt, blue hoody, thick socks. Heating’s off brrrr…

I am creating… space in the house. We have recently had an addition to the nest (Emma moved back home) and to accommodate her belongings and animals that she’s acquired since she moved out earlier this year we have had to move things round a bit.

I am going… to be working for a couple of weeks in December. Yay!! I’ve just had the call today to see if I’m free to do some exam invigilation and the answer is “of course I am, let me at it!”

I am wondering… how on earth I’m going to get my assignment score up for my next essay. I barely passed the first on this course and I just don’t know what to do to improve it. I thought it was ok but obviously my tutor didn’t!

I am reading… “Saints of the Shadow Bible” by Ian Rankin. It’s the latest John Rebus book and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. I’ll finish it because I always do finish Rankin but it’s just a bit beige, sadly.

I am hoping… that I will be able to get to band on Friday night. I had to miss the Remembrance parade this Sunday because of my stupid offal and so far this week it is still giving me grief. We’ve got a lot of work to do on our Christmas programme so I’d best be match fit by Friday!

I am praying for… Ruby who has had open heart surgery today to repair holes in her heart; Bob, whose wife’s funeral was today; my uncle David who would have been 70 this weekend; my aunty Norma whose anniversary it was on Saturday.

I am looking forward to… Christmas. It is going to be a very lean one this year (I’ve said that in the past but really this year, it is really going to happen). I am looking forward to all the non-material stuff more than ever this year and thinking about it, it’s because there isn’t the resources to spend, so the emphasis has to be on time WITH people, not cash ON people.

I am learning… lots and lots about the history of medicine. (Although sadly for my OU progress, it’s not enough…)

Around the house… there are bags and boxes of “stuff”. Belongings coming in, books going out, craft stuff to be made up and sold…

I am pondering… how I’m going to earn some money, other than selling my craft and invigilating at school. Things are getting too lean for comfort and “mild need” is giving way to “actually quite hungry”.

A favourite quote for today:

“You were given this life to live because you are strong enough to live it”
One of my favourite things… is receiving phone calls from a very good friend who has moved away from the area. Good to hear from Joyce this evening.

A few plans for the rest of the week: nothing much this week – just some studying (a lot of studying really…), a visit to the X-ray department tomorrow with my daughter, band on Friday all being well, church on Sunday. Things pretty quiet at the minute, just how I like it!
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8 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 12th November”

  1. First of all…thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment about the things coming from my kitchen this week! 🙂 It’s a pleasure to “meet” you…and I hope we will make it a point to get to know one another better! You have one of the most infectious smiles that I have seen for a long time! Your eyes and smile both speak true joy!


    1. Thanks Mary! The tutor has given some feedback but it’s all a bit general really. The style of the Open University is that it’s a distance course and we only see the tutors a handful of times throughout the course. We are due to have a tutorial next Saturday, which is about two weeks before the next assignment is due. I’m hoping I can get some proper face to face feedback there. Fingers crossed!


      1. I hope you can get the feedback you are looking for! I’ve written a lot of essays for school, so if you ever want someone to look over an essay before you turn it I’d be happy to. A lot of times I get one of my friends to look over my writing assignments because oftentimes other people pick up on little things that it’s easy to miss when it’s your own work.


  2. Thank you for visiting our blog and your wonderful comments. I loved reading your Daybook. We will also be having a small Christmas this year, the economy is so terrible anymore. But what does matter is time and memories not money.I am now a follower, feel free to follow us also. Look forward to reading more of your Daybooks. God bless


    1. Thank you for following me, I hope I can keep you entertained/informed/thoughtfully provoked in my coming posts 🙂

      I think there will be many more lean Christmases around the world this year, which to be honest, wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I have long thought it has become waaay too commercialised and the focus has become on the material not the spiritual aspect to the season so it’s certainly no hardship for us to be spending time with each other!


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