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Jess Goes Bald

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My niece, Jessica, is 14 years old and is going to be donating her hair to The Teenage Cancer Trust for them to make a wig from for a teenager who will have lost theirs. Not only is she having her hair cut off but she is then going to completely shave her head to raise cash as well.

I can’t tell you how proud the whole family are of her for offering to do this. She has been planning it for over a year now and she’s got special permission from her school to have her head shaved – the school rule is nothing shorter than a number 2 and just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to comply!

If you’d like to know more about the charity, or how Jess is doing please click on any of the links below. She has got a Facebook page and a Twitter account specially for the event, which will be on 13th December. She needs all the support you can give her and please PLEASE spread the word to your own friends to help her achieve her target of £1000 for the charity, but also to help raise awareness of the charity itself.

Good on you Jess – you are a total inspiration and living proof that teenagers have hearts of gold.

Jess Goes Bald

Jess Goes Bald – Twitter

Just Giving – Jess Goes Bald





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