Daybook Entry – 24th November

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Outside my window… Blackley is settling down for the night under wintry skies and a temperature of minus 1 degree Celsius. All’s quiet on the main road (no sirens yet tonight) and all the neighbours seem to home and parked up for the night.

I am thinking… about why we grieve for people when they die. That’s not to say I question whether we should or not, but more along the lines of why do we grieve for different people in different ways especially when we know that for some, they have been released from a life of pain and misery into a life of peace in heaven.

I am thankful… that my 14 year old son isn’t the stereotypical teenage boy portrayed in the press and on TV.

In the kitchen… we had pork in hoi sin sauce with noodles and peppers for tea tonight. Down to the dregs in the freezer and cupboards now – roll on the Christmas shop!

I am wearing… my sleepy t-shirt and a duvet.

I am creating… a fisherman’s jumper for Kevin’s Christmas present. It’s a bit of a tricky pattern though and I’m not committing myself to saying exactly which Christmas it’s for!

I am going… to have a little read before I settle down for sleep when I’ve done this.

I am wondering… whether I will actually get some work before Christmas. I’ve been promised a fortnight’s work but I haven’t heard from the boss yet so I don’t know if I’m on the rota or not.

I am reading… I’m between books tonight and I haven’t decided what to read next. I just finished “Children of the Mist” which is a historical story about the clan feud between the Campbells and the MacGregors. I enjoyed it as a story but am in serious doubt about most of the historical detail. I’ll be doing a book review in a day or so.

I am hoping… my bike doesn’t need its tyres pumping up. I want to go out on it tomorrow but can’t be bothered with all the faff if they’re flat.

I am praying for… some people in my church family who are suffering health problems and bereavement; for Sam and Josh who lost their Nan last week; for our Messy Church next Saturday.

I am looking forward to… Thursday morning. I can’t tell you about it yet, but I will when I have some good news for you.

I am learning… about how to write a proper academic essay (thank you David!)

Around the house… things not so messy as they were last week but there’s still a way to go before it’s Christmas-ready.

I am pondering… biscuit or toast?

A favourite quote for today: “We give thanks for the life of Nev; he has now at peace”.

One of my favourite things… is watching my team beating Tottenham Hotspur by six goals to nil. (BLUE MOON!!!!!!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: A very mixed bag this week – Stay and Play in the morning, two funerals on Tuesday, an audition on Thursday morning, another funeral on Friday and Messy Church on Saturday morning.

A peek into my day…


This is Bare Bear and as you can see, he is naked. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I said I was praying for a little girl called Ruby who was going to have a major operation to mend three holes in her heart. Well, she had her operation and (can you believe this) she was out of hospital and home again within four days. She is absolutely amazing and she was at church this morning, full of beans and as gorgeous as ever. This is her teddy and she has asked me to make him a jumper to keep him warm, because “you’re really clever and I know you can make anything” (she said, fluttering her eyes at me….). She has also asked for some gloves and boots for him, and a hat. But not a scarf (apparently, he will be too warm with a scarf on and besides, why make an easy scarf when you can make a really tricky and fiddly jumper??! This picture shows me measuring the length of his arm against my finger so I can judge how big small to make it. Eeee the things you do for love eh!

That’s all folks….see you tomorrow.



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