Daybook Entry – Advent Sunday

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Outside my window… night has fallen. It’s not too cold tonight but there’s a funny sort of colour in the sky which makes me think that snow might be on the way. It’s not cold enough for that though. Hmmm, strange meteorology we’re having at the moment!

I am thinking… how busy things have been recently and how much more busier they are about to get.

I am thankful… for my church family.

In the kitchen… we have just had a delicious home-made paella.

I am wearing… jogging pants and a pink polo shirt (not that I’m sporty in any way AT ALL)

I am creating… Christmas presents for people. My crochet hook is going to be flying between now and the big day!

I am going… to be working three days this week. Yeehaa!

I am wondering… what my wages will be.

I am reading… a really silly book which is driving me crackers. It’s very slow to get anywhere and there are so many contrived “hooks” alluding to the backstory it’s almost a cliché. But…typically, I am so far in it now that I want to finish it just to find out what it’s all about. What can you say when a book’s for free?!

I am hoping… for a miracle on the financial front.

I am praying for… my friend Rita; my Gran; Sam; Kevin; the people who were killed and injured in the Glasgow helicopter crash.

I am looking forward to… Christmas Day. I have always had a hectic December – being a musician this has always been the busiest time of the year for me but now I am so active in my church the workload has doubled for me. I am working right up to (and including) Christmas Day this year and I am so looking forward to a rest!

I am learning… how to write a good essay (as opposed to a “bare pass” essay).

Around the house… tidier than usual but still a long way to go before the tree and decorations go up.

I am pondering… fast forwarding Alfie Boe singing “Bring Him Home”. I have cried enough these past few days and I don’t want to cry any more tonight thank you very much.

A favourite quote for today: “So children, what happens at the end of Advent?” – “Christmas!!!!” – “And what is Christmas?” – “when Jesus was born!!!!” – “And when Jesus was born, what was he put in?” – “A bath!!”

You’ve gotta love kids haven’t you?!

One of my favourite things… is listening to music, and I mean properly listen to it. The chord progressions, the counter melodies, the bass lines, the interplay between the different instrument voices, the building tension….ah what is life without music??

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play tomorrow, studying, PCC meeting, working for three days, concert with Ethan, shopping for the Christmas Fair food, first Christmas concert on Friday night, Christmas Fair at church on Saturday. Yeah, it’s gonna be a busy one.

A peek into my day…

Me and my boy at the Man City match
My boy at the Man City match
Blue Moon!! Before the game this afternoon
Blue Moon!! Before the game this afternoon
The Bishop of Manchester and the Confirmation candidates this evening. My hubby is in this group - I'm so proud for him to be a confirmed Christian. Well done Kevin! Shine your light bright xx
The Bishop of Manchester and the Confirmation candidates this evening. My hubby is in this group – I’m so proud for him to be a confirmed Christian. Well done Kevin! Shine your light bright xx

Yep, it’s been a mixed up day today!!


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6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – Advent Sunday”

    1. Thank you!! And thank you so much for your Thanksgiving card. It arrived today and I’m thrilled!! I will be sending my Christmas cards out later this week – watch out for yours soon xx


  1. I’m interested to know what ‘stay and play’ is please. Is this something to do with your band? We’re on the lookout for new ideas to help us get new band members.


    1. Hi Eileen – thanks for your question. Stay and Play is a toddler group we hold on a Monday morning. We struggled for a name because it’s not just for mums but child minders, grandparents and so on. I wish we could get them to play brass instruments but for now the nearest thing to music we have is The Wheels On The Bus!!


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