Time Out

After nearly three weeks of constant “doing” I have managed to enjoy a time out today and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself without feeling guilty about it.

I managed to get a little bit of crocheting done this morning where I’ve made some good progress on Christmas presents for people and I made myself a crocheted decoration for a jam jar to hold a tea light for Christmas. I think it looks lovely – what do you think?

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I did some nice and peaceful study too which makes a change from the hectic cramming of the past couple of weeks. I am working my way through a chapter on public health at the minute which is fascinating stuff. My next assignment is on it but that’s not due until the end of January so I’ve got all over Christmas to catch up with my missed studies and get ahead with it.

I had a visit from my bestie, which is always nice, and we had a good old natter about the difference between just giving money to charity, or doing something practically to help people in need. We were discussing the work of the Salvation Army and how they are “practical” Christians. They don’t just say they’re sticking up for poor people, they actually go out there and get stuck into feeding and clothing people as well as giving them a shoulder and a listening ear.

Next was Ethan’s band practice and music lesson at the Music Centre, so it was time for a bit of a read and some crossword puzzles in the car. It got a bit cold but the book I’m reading is absolutely gripping so I didn’t really feel it. Well, not until I came to drive home and my feet were numb!

We’ve had a chilled out evening tonight too – watched the match on TV (Man City….you’ll give me a heart attack one of these days, but a win’s a win I suppose) and have retired to bed now with laptop to write this post, a mug of Ovaltine (coz I’m getting old…) and my book which is singing to me like a siren by my side.

As we all know, even God needed a rest after so much hard work, and I think I’ve deserved my “day off” today. I’m so glad to have got something tangible at the end of it to show for my hard work. Let me know what you think of the candle holder thingy…there might be some more of these making their way as gifts this year.

G’night all, see you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Time Out”

  1. Love your “candle jars,” Pam. Btw, I am so impressed with your home town. It is very historic compared to mine in Central Florida, USA. Ours is too young to have any history.
    blessings ~ maxi


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