Jess Has Gone Bald!!

Well, the girl gone on and done it!!

I wrote about my niece Jess here and told you that she was going to be donating her hair to the Teenage Cancer Trust and was raising money to have her head shaved. Well today was the day and she has done it. I can’t tell you how proud of her I am personally, but the whole family and all of her friends are stunned by her generosity of spirit in doing this for teenage cancer sufferers.

Here are a couple of  photos from the day:

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So far, Jess has doubled her original target of raising £1000 and the donations are still rolling in. If you are inspired by her today please visit Jessica’s JustGiving page and donate some more.  She has certainly proved that not all teenagers are as they are portrayed in the media.

Speaking of which, the event today was filmed by the BBC Northwest so tune in at 6.30pm tonight to see how things unfolded.

Well done Jess – a beautiful girl, inside and out xxx





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