Last Daybook Entry of 2013

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This is the last Daybook Entry from the Mushy Cloud this year. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them, and I trust you will carry on with me in the coming new year. Don’t forget, you can always click on the link at the bottom of my post to link up with the original host of The Simple Woman’s Daybook to read more from other people. 

So here goes:

Outside my window… it is pitch black and freezing cold. At least the wind has died down for now. Many parts of the country are experiencing vicious storms and there is still widespread flooding and power outages down south. We seem to have escaped with the worst of it here in Manchester but the forecast is for more bad weather in the next few days. Best batten down those hatches!

I am thinking… about a course of study I am going to co-leading with a friend of mine at church in the next few weeks. We are doing an introduction session on 29th Jan and then we will be doing a set of sessions after Easter. We have chosen to do a study on the Psalms and I am really looking forward to getting into a discussion about some of them. I am thinking about the purpose of them, their language, their poetry and their music, and how they relate to modern life – or not. It is going to be an interesting journey!

I am thankful… for my comfy bed. I have said this before but it’s worth reiterating at the moment as I haven’t been sleeping well (pain/dreams/thoughts/fever etc) but my bed makes the long-suffering nights all the easier to cope with.

In the kitchen… I made my famous bacon and lentil soup for tea tonight. Just the job for a cold winter’s night and a mardy tummy.

I am wearing… slouchy tracky bottoms and a blue polo shirt. It’s funny, but when I got dressed this morning (dark blue polo shirt, blue jeans, black socks and black/blue walking shoes) I saw Kevin for the first time today in the kitchen. And he was wearing…dark blue polo shirt, blue jeans, black socks and his blue/black walking shoes. EEEKKK!!!! We’ve morphed into clones of each other without realising haha!!

I am creating… nearly finished the pair of blankets I have been working on for Emma. They are looking good and I am mighty pleased with the colours she chose.

I am going… to have an early night tonight. I am nearly at the end of a cracking book and I can’t wait to get back to it.

I am wondering… about my future. Yes, it is that time of year again where people traditionally start to reflect and ponder on things and I am no exception. On top of the usual stuff, I’m seriously wondering about what I am going to do about earning a living long term. I am studying for my degree and I had thought that when the time comes I can train as a teacher – either History or English – but someone said recently that I would be good as a primary school teacher. It has set me thinking. A lot.

I am reading… “The Ocean At The End Of The Lane” by Neil Gaiman. It is a fantasy book, and I am really enjoying it.

I am hoping… my friend Rita has a restful night tonight. She is having surgery tomorrow and she is frightened.

I am praying for… Rita, and her husband David who has to stand by and watch things unfurl tomorrow; my mother and father in law who have multiple health problems; my friend John who recently lost his father; my nephew Will and his sister Jess; my husband.

I am looking forward to… having Emma home later this week. It has been too long already.

I am learning… about public health policies in Medieval Europe. It is far more interesting than it sounds, I promise you!

Around the house… we are in the post-Christmas/pre-New Year slump and the house is actually quite tidy. That’s because nobody wants to do very much so all my craft stuff is tidy (for once), there are no school bags or coats hanging around, the table is clear to actually eat off (yes, I can’t believe it neither!), there is no laundry waiting to be put away… good grief, I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

I am pondering… whether to risk a walk round Dovestones tomorrow or not.

A favourite quote for today:

being honest
One of my favourite things… is drinking Ovaltine in bed whilst reading my book. (Yes, I have suddenly turned middle-aged haha!!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Things are pretty quiet at the moment so not a lot going on and not many plans. A quiet night to see the new year in tomorrow – a few drinks with family and then Jools on TV; maybe a trip down south (weather permitting) to visit my brother and his family overnight; lots of studying.

A peek into my day… I only remembered to take this photo half way through eating so apologies for the messy looking bowl but this was too delicious not to share with you. Even though it is in pictorial form….sorry about that!


Oh yes, I forgot, clumsy me knocked the bowl just after I had served it and it sloshed all over the place. Thankfully only onto the saucer…phew!

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8 thoughts on “Last Daybook Entry of 2013”

    1. Thank you Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I find these Daybook Entries really useful to help me focus on things that are going on when there seems to be too much to think about. They are a great stress-buster!


  1. Thanks again. I love these Daybooks. It’s like peeping into your living room – no it’s better than that, it’s like sitting having a brew with you and a good catch up! I can almost taste that soup!


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