Daybook Entry – 5th January

Welcome to the first Daybook of the year!!



Outside my window… there’s a storm brewing. We have been forecast high winds, gale force winds and Armageddon-type rain in the next few days. The country is already waterlogged and drowning so I can’t imagine how our little island is going to survive another deluge.

I am thinking… how grateful I am for the fact that I live in Manchester, the wettest city in England. We have the facilities to cope with heavy rain!

I am thankful… that my first session in Sunday School went so well this morning. I have been nervous about it for various reasons, but after some prayer time last night I felt better this morning, and I am thankful to report that it went like a dream.

In the kitchen… we had broccoli and stilton soup cooked by Emma’s boyfriend Simon, followed by burritos prepared by moi. We are just waiting for the apple pie to be finished off in the oven for our Sumptuous Sunday Scran to be complete.

I am wearing… pink polo shirt, blue jogging bottoms.

I am creating… I am so close to finishing Emma’s pair of blankets…so close! I don’t have another project in mind yet because as soon as I start to think about the next one I will stop doing the one I’m on and because I am so close (only 5 rounds off finishing) I don’t want to put it off any more. Eep!!

I am going… to commit a WHOLE day to studying tomorrow.

I am wondering… How much longer this apple pie will be in the oven??!

I am reading… “Red Bones” by Ann Cleeves. It is the third in a quartet of books and I mistakenly started reading the fourth last night. I hadn’t realised that I hadn’t got further than the first couple of chapters in this one so hastily took it up again. Can’t wait to finish this so I can get back to where I was before I realised my mistake. I am rather taken with the atmosphere on the Shetland Islands (where these are set) and the minute finances allow us a trip up there I’ll be on my way. For now I will content myself with reading about the place in these books.

I am hoping… I can get through the amount of studies I need to this week. I am a little behind schedule and there is another tutorial on Saturday.

I am praying for… Rita whose surgery went well this week and who looked better than I expected this morning; two little girls who are going to be deported with their mother soon; my friend and her husband who are on the brink of finding out what their daughter’s health problem is; all the children from church who are going back to school this week.

I am looking forward to… getting back to routine this week. The holidays have been fantastic because they have given us space to think, to relax, to regroup and to recharge, but I need to get back to the everyday routine before I vegetate completely.

I am learning… about medieval health policies.

Around the house… Christmas has been packed away in the loft for another year, but the house doesn’t feel empty because it is full of lovely people.

I am pondering… where to plan our holiday this summer. I fancy somewhere coastal this year, but at this precise moment in time I would settle for anywhere where I can smell fresh air and cut grass.

A favourite quote for today: When I had come back into church with the children from Sunday School for Communion Eddie the vicar asked them what they had been doing. Amongst the answers “acting”, “dancing”, “colouring in” came my favourite answer from Darcey who said “we’ve been prayering”. I love that!!

One of my favourite things… is learning about the world from a child’s eye view.

A few plans for the rest of the week: studying, studying, a bit more studying, a morning’s work exam invigilating, more studying and then I think I’ll do a bit more studying. Oh yes, and I’ve got some music to record for Thursday night and two hymns to arrange for band on Friday night. Looking forward to it all!!!

A peek into my day…
panorama of living room


A panoramic view of my living room from my seat next to the TV. Cosy innit!



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4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 5th January”

  1. It doesn’t sound to me like you’ve been vegetating, Pam. Hope you’ll be able to cope with the rain all right. You seem to have pretty nourishing food around. Just the right thing to survive the winter days intact. Great, that you’re already somewhat visualising the coming summer days. And it’s great that your surrounded by good company in a cosy living room.
    You say: “One of my favourite things… is learning about the world from a child’s eye view.”
    This is right up my alley too!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us, Pam. 🙂


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