A Gift

Today’s thought for the day comes from my husband, who heard it on the radio this morning:

“Every day is a gift from God.

How we use it is our gift back to Him”


He sent it to me by text this morning and it was just the sort of inspiration and motivation I needed today. I am more than just a little bit behind with my studies, having been not too well over Christmas and so on, and I know I have got about three weeks worth of work to do this week before my tutorial on Saturday.

On days like today, with stormy weather lashing the windows, when it is so dark outside that we need the living room lights on all day, with ineffective to poor heating in the house, a leftover chocolate mountain from Christmas glaring at me on the shelf, studying could have felt like the last thing on my mind but when I got my husband’s text with these words on it gave me the little shove I needed to get going, and it reminded me of why I am studying in the first place and of the goals I have set myself for the future.

My immediate goal is to pass my next assignment with a better mark than the last one; my short term goal is to pass this course and have it counted towards my degree; my long term goal is to gain my degree and retrain as a teacher.

Now, those are my goals but I am more than aware that God may have other plans for me so it doesn’t matter if I don’t reach the goals I have set for myself. I am a couple of years away from reaching my degree and in the meantime I am open to God’s will and I am prepared to be blown on whatever course he decides is best for me. He may decide that this course will be the only one I do and will present me with something else before I sign up for the next course; he might have already planned that I will finish this and will use what I have learned to help other people; or he might want me to pursue my church work… the possibilities are endless!

Whatever my future holds, I thank God for the gift of today. I feel I have made good use of it. I have got through more work than I thought I could and it feels like I will get to where I need to be by the end of this week, and feel eager to carry on tomorrow on the next section.

Thank you God, I hope I made the best of your gift today.



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