Five Word Friday

Five Word Friday

Today’s Five Word Friday is:

“Friday Night Is Music Night!!!”

We had our first rehearsal back at band tonight after the Christmas break and it was a great evening. There are some very funny people in my band and we have a really witty banter flying round the stand which is great fun. I love my Friday nights out at Todmorden Band but this week it was touch and go whether I would get there tonight because of a “bad” week with my poorly offal. However, things took an upturn today and I managed to get out and boy am I glad I did!

We did a lovely warm up out of the (ubiquitous) red hymn books and then we went onto some music that I have got planned for the summer concerts – Magnificent Seven (although as one wit said “The Mediocre Seven” the way we played it…) and Jurassic Park to name but two.

I was going to take a “PamCam” shot of my music stand tonight to share with you but once I’d got into the throes of the rehearsal I kinda forgot…so you’ll have to make do with a screen shot of some music I arranged for band tonight instead.

amazing grace

We are doing a unity church service in a couple of weeks in Todmorden with a couple of churches and we have been asked to accompany the hymns. This screen shot is from my favourite one on their list – Amazing Grace (My Chains Have Gone) by Chris Tomlin. It is a beautiful new arrangement of an old favourite and if you want to hear him singing it, here’s a YouTube video for you.



3 thoughts on “Five Word Friday”

  1. Parents were Salvation Army and this was a favourite at their meetings. Love the words – though not to keen on this interpretation – bit of a traditionalist. 🙂


  2. Thanks for your Christmas card! I got it the other day (I was away at my parents’ house for Christmas so I got it just this week when I got back.)


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