Daybook Entry – 12th January



Outside my window… the light is starting to fade on the day now. The sky is grey and overcast, there is not a breath of wind and the temperature is plummeting as the day wears on.

I am thinking… about my upcoming assignment for the OU.

I am thankful… for my church family – I had a bit of an emotional morning this morning and it was lovely to have them around me when it happened. Apart from home, church is the one place I don’t feel I’m out of step being emotional.

In the kitchen… Kevin has just made bacon butties (still waiting for my brew from Ethan but he’s watching the match). Not sure what I’m cooking for tea tonight. Something mard I think.

I am wearing… jeans, blue polo shirt and grey hoodie.

I am creating… still not finished Emma’s blanket. I’m not really in a crafting frame of mind at the minute, which is a shame because I always feel better when I’ve had a decent hooky session. It has been difficult recently with studies and health stuff so all my “spare” time has been taken up by catching up. When I say “spare” time, I mean “time where I can concentrate through the codeine or tramadol fog long enough to read a chapter and take notes”.

I am going… to Stay and Play in the morning – I’m looking forward to catching up with the babies and seeing how everyone has grown over Christmas.

I am wondering… how Samir Nasri’s knee is after that horrible tackle in the game this afternoon.

I am reading… “Dead Water” by Ann Cleeves.

I am hoping… Emma and Simon are home for tea tonight. It’s funny having teenagers in the house because a) they get under your feet and cause a lot of noise but b) they make the house feel lived-in and full of life. Plus it’s nice to make a family-sized meal for everyone.

I am praying for… now then, prayers were my undoing this morning so I’ll try again here: My prayers today are for Cath and Esther, and for Matt and Isla. Also for everyone who knew Cath and whose lives have been touched by her. She was a lovely lady and a genuinely nice person to know and to work with. She had a heart the size of a mountain and has left a huge hole not only at school but the lives of many people in the area who knew her. Rest in peace Cath, you are both in God’s hands but you will live on in the hearts and memories of thousands and thousands of people.

I am looking forward to… having an early night tonight. It has been a bit of a week and a half this week.

I am learning… about how hospitals began to be founded, and to what degree the “enlightened despots” of 18th Century Europe were better (or not) than the British government. Sounds good doesn’t it, but all it really means is I’m looking at how hospitals were funded privately here in Britain how they were being funded by the state in the rest of Europe.

Around the house… things are pretty tidy. Kevin has had a bit of a spring clean this morning while I was at church and the house is looking good.

I am pondering… getting my hook out when I’ve finished this so I can do a little bit more on Emma’s infamous blanket.

A favourite quote for today: “a prayer that makes you cry is a heartfelt one and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about getting emotional when you’re talking to God”.

One of my favourite things… is watching Manchester City play football.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play in the morning, midweek worship on Wednesday evening, working on Thursday morning and band on Friday night.

A photo for today:

isn't it enough


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8 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 12th January”

    1. It is with Aguero out too. It didn’t look that bad a hit but his reaction…urgh he was screaming on the way down so it obviously hurt him. Hope it’s not ligaments – that’ll be months out 😦


      1. It was excellent. My sisters, B-I-L, nephew and grandma were there too. It was so very nice to be at home. Thanks for asking! I hope that your week has been going well, ;O)


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