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Book Review – Murder On The Mind

murder on the mind


An ex-insurance investigator receives a brain injury following a mugging and suddenly acquires the psychic ability to latch onto certain emotions and visions of other people. He “sees” a brutal murder before it happens, and afterwards he tunes in to the emotions of the people involved in it and finds out the who, what and why of it all.

Who are the main characters?

The central character is Jeff Resnick, and he is being looked after by his MD (and millionaire!) brother Richard, and his girlfriend (wants-to-be-his-wife) Brenda. Jeff and Richard team up to investigate Jeff’s visions, reluctantly on both parts. Richard feels responsible for looking after his younger brother because of some awkward family history that we find out about as the story progresses.

Where is it set?

Jeff’s mugging is in New York and he is brought home to Buffalo by Richard to convalesce. The “action” happens here.

My overall impression?

I was sceptical at first. This was one of those “top 100 books for free” on my Kindle, and I know from past experience that sometimes they are hot, sometimes they are not. This was a lukewarm one to start with, but as the story progressed I found I warmed up to it and eventually I did care about the characters and I did want to know what had happened to the victim.

There are several threads to the book – the murder investigation, Jeff’s past troubles with his wife, the recovery of his injuries after the mugging, the patching up of the family relationships, the exposition of a potential love interest for Jeff – and they are all woven together quite skilfully to give a decent read.

The angle of the protagonist being left psychic after his brain injury could have been overdone or been too fantasy-like to be believable, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was done well and didn’t detract from the narrative at all.

Will I read the next in the series?

I have already downloaded the next in the series and I am about 15% of the way through, so yes. As sometimes happens in these “free” series from Amazon, I expected the second to either be a massive improvement on the first or a massive flop because the author has given their all in the first book. I can say that the signs so far are good. Jeff is involved with another mysterious death and he is as frustrated and cynical about his newborn psychic ability as the reader is, which is a refreshing take on an old slant.

Would I recommend it to my friends?

Hmmm, yes I suppose so. If someone asked me “Pam what do you think of this? Should I read it?” I would say yes, but if someone asked me to recommend a book that has a new take on an old format then I probably wouldn’t think of this one in the first instance. Not because it is bad, but because it isn’t really standout brilliant.

A good read, passes the time nicely, but nothing really to make it jump out as a piece of literary genius.




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