Daybook Entry – 26th January


Outside my window… we seem to have had all four seasons in one day today. It was like Armageddon this morning and it is now blue skies. Still windy though and I think there is more rain on the way.

I am thinking… about going to go and sort my music out for our band job tonight.

I am thankful… that despite my back injury and my mouth injury (caused by lifting a table sideways yesterday and munching my tongue in my sleep last night which drew blood and woke me up) the service went well this morning and I didn’t make a fool of myself. For a change!!

In the kitchen… we have just had a carvery lunch and it was delicious. It is Ethan’s birthday today so for a treat we had Sunday dinner at the Toby. Nice food and nice not to have to cook it or wash up after it too.

I am wearing… black jeans, white polo shirt and bright pink jumper. Will be changing into my lady-conductor clobber in about an hour.

I am creating… an essay for my OU course which is due in on Tuesday. I have got it written in rough but have got to put my references and sources in, and then give it a polishing edit before I can submit it. It hasn’t been easy, and I will be glad when I have pressed that button to get it sent in.

I am going… to Todmorden later to conduct the band in a unity church service.

I am wondering… how the service at my own church will be, which I can’t go to because of the clash of engagements. My church is holding a memorial service for a wonderful lady we got to know last year from New Zealand who sadly lost her fight just before Christmas. She has family here in Manchester and I would like to go to support them but I didn’t know about her memorial until last week by which time I was already committed elsewhere.

I am reading… “Blood, Sweat and Tea” by Tom Reynolds.

I am hoping… my pants don’t need ironing before we go out. I’m tired…!!

I am praying for… Sue’s family tonight; Ray and Elizabeth; Maurice who’s inquest was this week.

I am looking forward to… coming home later and having a nice read before I go to bed.

I am learning… that I should have taken better notes the first time I read through the course material before tackling this essay.

Around the house… my son is building his own computer and so there are disembodied bits of kit all over the living room (photo below).

I am pondering… which top to wear tonight – the one that doesn’t need ironing or the one that doesn’t need ironing…?

A favourite quote for today:

paul persall
One of my favourite things… is a proper cup of tea. One that is just the right strength, just the right amount of milk, just enough sugar and hot enough that when you’ve finished it the mug is still warm.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Concert/service tonight, Stay and Play in the morning, finish this essay tomorrow afternoon/evening and then who knows?? The rest of the week is in darkness a bit – I can’t see much after my essay submission!

A peek into my day…


The birthday boy – 15 today and already a computer geek #proudmama


Come and join us at and join in!!


2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 26th January”

    1. Thank you!! He had a bit of a mixed day on Sunday (we had a couple of things to do that meant we were limited on family time) but he went to bed happy which is all that counts! I submitted my essay FINALLY. I’m not totally happy with it but I am happy that I couldn’t have done any better…if that makes sense. I’m frustrated at my lack of ability but so long as it passes then I will be a happy bunny 🙂


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