Explain for me…

I happened to find myself at the A&E department of the Manchester Royal Infirmary last night – don’t worry, it wasn’t for me and it was just as a precaution for the person I was with – and I saw this in the car park:

ground floor1

Now, explain for me….

Why there is a huge sign on the wall, with masses of space all around it, yet with the vowels missing from the word “floor”? Why is the wording not all there? Why not “Grd Floor”, or even “G Floor” if space was a problem? But it’s not really as if space is at a premium is it?! If it was, then surely just “G” would have been sufficient. No?

And just in case this sign was mystifying, here is another example:

ground floor2

This one was on the concrete wall above my car. I’m sure the builders/printers/car park owners have their reasons but…

Your thoughts please?!


5 thoughts on “Explain for me…”

  1. Soap box time here. I don’t like abbreviations (“don’t” is okay – it’s a friendly contraction …. Like “it’s”) when they serve no purpose. I have replied to tweets with too many, to ask for the full version. In business we suffer from abbreviations all the time – PI is a count, SEL is a price tag. They are used I think to exclude folk unless you buy into the nonsense and use them. You’re forced into a mock camaraderie. But this example is just tosh. What did they think they were achieving?


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