Daybook Entry – 11th February


Outside my window… Winter has revisited with a vengeance! Blizzards and freezing rain earlier on, and a deep and crispy coating on everything now as night as fallen and the moon is painting everything with a sparkly glow.

I am thinking… about what it feels like when all the manageable juggling balls in your life suddenly become like bowling balls and come crashing down all at once.

I am thankful… to have got to see my GP today. I have waited for over three weeks for this appointment to come round!

In the kitchen… I have a new floor. You may have seen the photographs I posted over the weekend of my fridge behind the front door and other appliances littering the rest of the house? Well, the job was all finished on Sunday and a mighty fine job it is too! My husband still has flat knees from spending two solid days on them over the weekend to fix things. (He forgets he’s not as young as he used to be…)

I am wearing… vest top, thick fleecy hoody and jogging bottoms. Comfy!

I am creating… I am crocheting a blanket for our caravan. It’s nearly big enough but I want to do another couple of rounds yet to make sure it is PLENTY big enough. It can get draughty in a caravan you know.

I am going… to carry on with my Open University studies after all. Things had been getting me down recently and when I got my latest assignment score back earlier this week I was so disheartened that I wanted to just throw the towel in and give up. But after some solid support from my fellow students online and from my friends at church I have been made to see the bigger picture and it aint all that bad you know. I have finished the first half of the course tonight (yippee!) and will be moving onto the second stage tomorrow. Only another 14 weeks and it will all be over for this module. I have enjoyed it but it has really tested my resolve and my ability to concentrate through the fog of analgesics, but hey, I’m better for it so bring on the next stage!

I am wondering… if it will snow again overnight, and if my son will be in school tomorrow.

I am reading… “The Outcast Dead” by Elly Griffiths. I am only up to chapter 3 or so, and the story is just unfolding. I have read the previous books in this series so I am familiar with the characters and the plotlines, and I have loved them all so far. This one is shaping up to be another corker with the discovery of an ancient skeleton in a place where it shouldn’t be…with a hook for a hand and a local legend about the identity that is complicating matters.

I am hoping… I have finally come to the end of my latest “episode”. It has been a struggle this time round, and I have managed to push my best friend away because of being so badly out of sorts. I forgive him his reluctance to come close when I’ve been like a tetchy lioness with thorns in her paw, but I could have really done without the extra misery of his absence on top of everything else.

I am praying for… my friend who is going to be starting chemo next week following a mastectomy a couple of weeks ago; my friend who has started back at work this week after having her baby and who was terrified of the change in routine and of leaving her daughter with other people; my friend who struggles when things go wrong emotionally; my Gran who is continuing to surprise us all with her cheerfulness and positivity after her fall last week; a gentleman at church who has been told this week that he has inoperable multiple cancers, and for his family who are with him; and the people in the south of England who are facing such a terrible time in the floods. It is incomprehensible in this, a so-called forward thinking country, can suffer so much because of the weather, causing people to lose their homes and even their lives.

I am looking forward to… getting to bed shortly, I’m pooped.

I am learning… just how hard it is to study university level material at my age.

Around the house… things are quiet and (mostly) tidy.

I am pondering… which course (if any) to study next for my degree. Have I learned my lesson this time round, or should I take this as a warm up and really go for it to finish my degree??

A favourite quote for today: “Anybody there?”

One of my favourite things… is my new fleecy hoody. It has seen me through the blizzard earlier on, and is lovely to cuddle up in when I’m feeling mard.

A few plans for the rest of the week: studying tomorrow, new study group at church tomorrow night, music group Thursday night, band Friday night, OU tutorial on Saturday afternoon.

A peek into my day…

This was my view as I walked back from the doctor's today. Brrr!
This was my view as I walked back from the doctor’s today. Brrr!



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5 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 11th February”

  1. I am surprised you have to wait for that long to see a GP. Here in Australia there’s usually a long waiting time to see a specialist, but not for seeing a GP.
    I am sorry you have to cope with such miserable weather right now.


  2. You have new floors too! I’m sure you are as happy with yours as we are with ours!! I will add your prayer concerns to mine. The flooding is terrible, and facing chemo and life changes, frightening. Stay safe!!


  3. Unfort..thanks to the new healthcare law here, we (myself and husband,son) all have lost our doctors, and the wait is long now to see a specialist or a dr even. Praying for you & your family..btw, it is just as hard on a almost 17 yr (my son) who is in college as it for people our don’t beat yourself up over it. Blessings


  4. Hopped over from a comment left by Dave on my latest, about your daybook entries. Lovely idea. I hope you won’t mind it if I borrowed this concept.


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