Red Alert

My country is under red alerts for weather. That means that the weather we are experiencing poses risk to life.

My country is used to bad weather – us Brits are born with webbed feet you know – but this winter has given us weather the likes of which we haven’t experienced for more than 250 years.

Since before Christmas there have been parts of the country under water. Literally, under the water. Rivers have burst their banks, water tables have risen, flood plains are swamped. People have lost their homes, their businesses, their livestock, their futures.

And still the storms keep raging.

Today saw a fresh onslaught to our west coast, and the North West where I live has been given a red alert by the Met Office. We have had extreme winds and rain which has caused total havoc all over the place. We have hundreds of trees blown down crushing parked cars, lorries blown over – one crushing a car on the M60 at teatime today – buildings collapsing, people being blown over, roads closed, motorways closed, a train station evacuated because power lines were brought down on the roof causing a fire. The ppromenade at Blackpool has been closed for safety (the streetlights were bending like Caribbean limbo dancers on the news) and Liverpool water front has been shut too. Schools and universities have closed early as a precaution and we have had football matches cancelled because of safety concerns.

A woman was blown off her feet in central Manchester today

Social media platforms have been awash with accounts of things being blown away (barbecues, roofs, chimney stacks, fences, a shed, bins, even someone’s rabbit hutch ended up four houses away) and it is still raging. It genuinely does feel like Armageddon out there.

Our little island is used to wet and windy weather but this is something else. They tell us it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

My prayers are for those who are not as fortunate as I am. I am thankful for the roof over my head and my secure windows and doors, and for the heating I have enjoyed today. Thousands and thousands further north from her don’t even have power tonight to keep warm by. My thoughts are with them.

Red alert? Definitely!!


15 thoughts on “Red Alert”

  1. “They tell us itโ€™s going to get worse before it gets better.”
    Gee, I hope it won’t get any worse. It’s really awful when you don’t even have power. There’s only that much the authorities can do to help in such an extremely bad situation. Let’s hope that some kind of help is on its way for the people who badly need it. Stay indoors and stay safe, Pam.


    1. Thank you Uta. I’m very grateful to be warm and dry tonight I can tell you! There are folks who don’t have the luxury of their own bed, which is so sad. We seem to be having the dangerous end of the storm here in the north, the south have got the soggy end. It can’t last forever though can it? Spring will be here soon !

      Mushy Cloud wrote:

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  2. “A woman was blown off her feet in central Manchester today”. This shows you must have really awful storms right now. Yes, I bet you can’t wait for spring to arrive, hopefully sooner rather than later. It must be a very trying time for you. It’s good to hear you could stay warm and dry for the night. Best wishes, Uta


  3. I’ve been seeing photos of the flooding, and it looks terrible – much worse than the snow folks in the northern states are dealing with. I’m glad to know you are snug and safe!!


  4. I saw this photograph in the MEN website and am going to use it. I know the weather is terrible, and the destruction awful, and when the City game is cancelled things are getting serious, but the photograph tickled me!


    1. Apparently she was blown over from the down draught at the Beetham tower. Probably the only comical moment yesterday! It was carnage on the roads wasn’t it? Someone got hit by an advertising hoarding on Rochdale road near here and there are trees down all over the place.


  5. Some things are sent to try us aren’t they?
    Next doors fence blew over – which was actually quite funny as it always looked rickety.
    Our back gate blew in – but it will get fixed.
    Extremes of weather have always been around. I remember fog in 1980ish which had visibility down to about 15 feet. Also snow which was easily knee high. In the last few years I’ve seen hailstones bigger than ever and rain like a monsoon.
    We deal with each day as it comes and find strength within.
    The wind has died down now only gusting to 30mph and life is going on.
    Could have done without the parent/teacher night but wasn’t surprised to see that it was very well attended despite the crazy weather.


    1. Thanks. The storm caused damage to our property and garden but not too bad, especially when you consider the extreme damage other people are suffering in the south. We’re expecting another bad one overnight tonight. I can hear the wind getting up as I type this! Everything is as fixed down as it can be so God willing, we’ll come out of this one too.


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