View From The Pamcam


Here’s me peeping in the photo of the rehearsal tonight at Todmorden Community Brass. We’re rehearsing for our anniversary concert at the moment and this is us in the break tonight.


Here’s a view from the BatonCam…


And here’s some of the trombone section, the horn section and John our percussionist. We’re a mad lot on a Friday night!!


11 thoughts on “View From The Pamcam”

  1. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. My sons friend “London” aka Morgan is from Horsham, do you know where that is? She has gone home for the spring break holiday. (they have pet names for each other, here is “London” or “Morgs”. I know, silly..his is Uilliam -correctly I might add his real name Liam.) He says the way she says it, it is just cute. lol. Sigh, to be young again. Blessings


  2. Love the pics. I always imagine the band to be bigger than it is, don’t know why.
    Must get up to Tod sometime. Is Gordon Riggs still open?


    1. It certainly is! We pass it every Friday night on the way to rehearsal. The band is usually 25-ish members strong, sometimes we have more sometimes we have less but the standard brass band setup is 25 brass players and 2 or 3 percussionists. I think if we had more than 25 regularly at rehearsals the neighbours would start to complain because of the noise haha!!


      1. Ah right. I suppose any more than 25 would mean a bigger practice place too. Had friends in Hebden Bridge in the 60’s and others in the 90’s so have been on the Rochdale train no end of times. Lovely bit of the country …. Just a shame it’s in Yorkshire lol


      2. Shush don’t let them hear you say that haha! I must admit that I have to bite my tongue sometimes when we have a banter. Being a Manchester girl in Yorkshire can be fun at times…oops!


  3. Hi, I’ve been looking on your band website and just have a couple of questions please. I was wondering if you write all the arrangements for the five note band and are they playing in 2, 3 or 4 parts in these arrangements? Do you ever sell any of these arrangements? I’m trying to come up with some ideas for the band I work with and new ideas are always welcome. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thanks anyway.


    1. Hi Eileen thanks for your comment. The arrangements for the five note band are usually arranged by a member of our band, David White. He is a retired music teacher and is waaaaay ahead of me in the arranging stakes! I can put you in touch with him if would like to contact him yourself? It is probably best that you speak to him directly and he can best advise you. Pam


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