Daybook Entry – 18th March


Outside my window… drizzle, sleet, inky blackness, high winds and the odd passing aircraft and police siren. Welcome to Manchester.

I am thinking… about how much work I’ve got to do to catch up with my course. I took a little time out when my Gran died and I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of studying again so I’m a bit behind with where I should be. If I let it slip any further then it will get to that stage where it will feel like an impossible mountain to climb.

I am thankful… for the loving support of my parents these past few weeks. Things have been really tough one way or another and they have been brilliant for me and my little brood.

In the kitchen… we had pork, potatoes, peas and carrots. I wish we’d’ve had parsnips then I could have done the whole alliterative meal thingy which would have been really impressive but we didn’t have any so carrots it is, I’m afraid. We didn’t have pumpkin neither, sigh.

I am wearing… green t-shirt, shorts, socks.

I am creating… a loooooong “to do” list of work for my course!

I am going… to a tutorial on Saturday so I need to be up with my game before then.

I am wondering… how tiny Jeremy Kyle is in real life.

I am reading… “Cat Out Of Hell” by Lynne Truss. It’s a comic/tragic/fantasy/thriller which revolves around a talking cat called Roger. Which reminds me, I need to update my “Reading” page on here soon. I’ve read quite a few books since I last updated it (thank heavens for free Kindle downloads!)

I am hoping… this is a tricky one because “hoping” implies there is an element of doubt about something doesn’t it? If you “hope” it doesn’t rain tomorrow it implies that it might rain, it might not. If you “hope” you have money left at the end of your bills there’s a doubt that you will. If you “hope” that God has got it covered then by the same logic then there’s an element of doubt…but God’s ALWAYS got it covered hasn’t he? So why “hope” for that? All my hope on God is founded… so the hymn goes. But I trust him to catch me when I fall, I trust him to feed me and clothe me and I trust him to give me the things that I need more than the things that I want. I just hope I don’t let him down in return.

I am praying for… my Mum; my Uncle Phil; Emma; Ethan as he faces his first opening night of his first professional gig in the orchestra pit tomorrow night; Rita, facing her second dose of chemo tomorrow; Ruthie Q; my friends C, B and B; for the lost souls of the Malaysian aircraft and their families.

I am looking forward to… seeing my girl on Thursday afternoon.

I am learning… to stand up for myself.

Around the house… there are copious amounts of DBOS after Kevin has been trying to sort out broken laptops and PCs to sell for parts. DBOS stands for “disembodied bits of shCOMPUTER”…

I am pondering… ways to make my summer wages spread far enough so that we can go away in our wobbly box to the seaside for a fortnight.

A favourite quote for today: 

Fred Phelps Was Reportedly Excommunicated From Westboro Baptist Church For Advocating A ‘Kinder Approach’

Say what?? Really?! I heard he was dying and that the WBC people had threatened to picket his funeral (the chap isn’t even dead yet and already they are warming up hostilities) but hang on a minute…isn’t he their FOUNDER?? When I went searching for a quote about the proposed funeral picket I came across this headline from the Huffington Post. So after all these years of peddling hatred and intolerance, the old man has had an epiphany of sorts and the monster he created has responded by excommunicating him?? You can’t make it up can you?!
One of my favourite things… is finding a decent free book on Amazon. About 75% are rubbish, 15% are not bad, 6% are actually OK and the rest are pretty good and you can see the author has a future ahead of them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: studying, putting together the concert programme for band, Lenten study group tomorrow night, taking Ethan for his music exam on Thursday morning, ferrying the impresario around all week to and from the theatre, more studying, tutorial on Saturday, taking Ethan to MORE music on Sunday and maybe enjoying a little glass of wine or two over the weekend.
A peek into my day… (yesterday, but I’m still recovering from the financial and the emotional stress this little bit of damage caused me!)

Broken Trombone
Oh dear…this lever should be connected to the trombone right in between those bits of spring. My son (who is not only facing his first Associated Board grading exam this week but also his first professional paid gig in the orchestra pit) did this on Sunday during the technical run through for Phantom of the Opera. It was a mad panic yesterday to get it fixed because he had a dress rehearsal last night for the first half and another one for tonight for the second half. And apparently you can’t solder brass? And the replacement part would have to come from the USA in about four months time….ARGH!!!!! Kids eh?

Thank you for reading my Daybook Entry for today, I hope you enjoyed it.

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1 thought on “Daybook Entry – 18th March”

  1. I enjoyed reading your Daybook Entry, Pam. I can see you keep yourself pretty busy. I wouldn’t expect to read any different from you. You’re such a busy bee! Enjoy the rest of the week and a glass of wine or two over the weekend! 🙂 Cheers, Uta


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