My Day Today

Just a few thoughts about my day today:

I was extremely proud to sit outside the room to hear my son take his grade 4 ABRSM music exam today on the trombone. It was his first ever exam, bless him, and he was note perfect. I know I’m biased, but really, he played all his pieces accurately and I am so chuffed for him. He stumbled a bit on the scales but he aced the aural and the sight-reading so fingers crossed for a pass with merit.

After we’d dropped him back at school we were treated to lunch at Nando’s by my lovely daughter before she and I made our way to Media City to go and watch a TV program being filmed. Unfortunately we were too far down the queue to get in this time but we have got priority tickets for next time so watch out ITV, here we come!

We travelled back to Manchester city centre by Metro which was rather a nice journey. The route takes you through the old docks and quays – a bit sad to see the derelict and overgrown sites, but thrilling to see the new buildings and fabulous new uses of the land round there. I love going by train and the tram is almost as good. I felt like a little kid again!

Manchester’s “Central Park” – yes it does actually exist!

For my American readers, this photo is proof that New York doesn’t have the monopoly on “Central Park”. We have our very own here in Manchester too. It houses the headquarters for the Greater Manchester Police among other things (including half a dozen limp and flappy tents and some soggy protesters waving dripping placards in the middle of the roundabout outside GMPHQ) and the Metrolink stop is about half a mile in the air. I jest. It’s not really that high up but it is a couple of flights of stairs from road level to station platform.

I managed to get a couple of hours studying in this afternoon which was good. I’m catching up nicely now.

And finally, my son has just got home after his second night of playing in the pit for Phantom of the Opera and he tells me he aced it ALL tonight. He says the nerves of the opening night last night (and the consequent 8-bar too early entry – in the wrong key – and the split last note of the playout) were totally gone and he got every note in, on time, in the right place, and at the right volume. Get in there son!!!

Oh, and while he was out playing his trombone and earning some cash whilst having a ball I have been tinkering about with the theme on my blog tonight. Not sure I’m happy with it yet but any feedback would be gratefully received.


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