Watergrove Reservoir

I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts recently – nothing too serious, just a vague feeling of being a bit discombobulated – and when the opportunity presented itself today for a bit of fresh air I jumped at the chance.

Ethan was due to play with the Middleton Youth Band at a festival of music at Wardle Academy near Rochdale and when we dropped him off at lunchtime we decided that while we were in the area we would go and visit the Watergrove Reservoir near Wardle Village. We have been saying for ages that we should go and visit here as we’d heard different people telling us how lovely it was, so while we were in the area we decided to go and see it for ourselves.

The reservoir itself is in a pretty inaccessible place north of Rochdale. You can only get to it by one road (the last 500 yards or so totally cobbled and just a bit bumpy) or by hiking over the hills. We chose the easy route and went by car but next time we go we are thinking of doing a proper hike to go and see it. We weren’t properly dressed for this visit – me in thin trainers with barely any sole and a very thin hoodie, Kevin in just a jumper and his walking shoes – and the wind had a definite knife-edge to it. Boy oh boy did it cut! We didn’t stay long. Just long enough to climb up to the water’s edge and wander round a bit. We noticed that part of the retaining wall is made up of dressed stones that look like they are from a dismantled church or chapel. Next time we go I will definitely take more photos. Forgive me but it was that cold my fingers were going numb. I did manage to take one decent photo, a panoramic view of the water:

Watergrove Res
Watergrove Reservoir near Wardle Village, Rochdale

Hopefully next time we go the sun will be a bit stronger (and warmer!).

If you want to learn more about the reservoir there’s a great article here. It tells the story of the how and why the reservoir was built, and the cost to the local community (and village) when it was decided to locate it there. A very interesting read.

I did end up feeling a bit better for the walk in the fresh air in such a beautiful location. Thank God for nature and sunshine.




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