Daybook Entry – 7th April


Outside my window… it is a dark and stormy night out there. My newly planted pea plants are drowning in the deluge – I just hope they recover when the sun starts to shine again!

I am thinking… that I need to recover my mojo for blogging. There has been so much going on recently and I have been working hard at my studies that it has taken a bit of a back seat recently. To be honest I’ve missed the interaction with all my bloggy friends as much as anything. Hopefully now things have calmed down a bit at home and with essay writing I can dedicate a bit more time online. (Don’t worry, I’ve been absent on email and Facebook too!)

I am thankful… to see the end of my latest assignment for the OU. I don’t know why this one has been so much harder than the rest but I really had to grind out my 1500 words for today’s deadline. I think being so poorly last week set me back a bit, and I’ve had other responsibilities at church to deal with first so it has all been a bit of a juggling act. The topic was to present my opinion on what were the three biggest developments that had impact on patients in the 19th Century, which was fair enough. The trouble was that every time I tried to argue that something was good for patients I managed to end up arguing myself out of it and saying that it had more impact on the practitioners than the patients. ARGH! I’ll be happy with a bare pass for this one, I was just so glad to see the back of it.

In the kitchen… I made my spicy beefy tomatoey pasta for tea tonight. I’ve not been up to cooking much recently and it made a nice change.

I am wearing… typically for my daybook, I’m ready for bed in my t-shirt and sloppy joe bottoms.

I am creating… I am halfway through crocheting a summer shawl for myself. I have been promising myself that I would make something for myself for months and months now, and I have been doing a few minutes here and there when I’ve needed to clear my head in between everything else. It is made out of cotton and quite lacy so should be nice for cool evenings. I’ll share a picture with you when it’s ready.

I am going… to start getting my revision notes together soon. My OU exam is about 8 weeks away so I need to start pulling together the themes of the course and preparing for the final assignment and the exam. EEEEK!

I am wondering… about my future. Things have changed a bit recently and I am being drawn more and more into church life. I have also been put on the preaching rota for next month which is a tiny bit daunting and a heck of a lot exciting. I wonder if the experience will show me that I am on the right path or if I need to change direction.

I am reading… “The Lady of Hay” by Barbara Erskine. I first read this book when I was at college back in about 1987 and just fancied reading something a bit familiar again. Feeling a bit mard I guess.

I am hoping… that the pain in my chest and the swelling on my stomach goes down soon. It’s getting really uncomfortable now and if it doesn’t go down of its own accord I will need medical help to shift it. Come one tummy you can do it!!

I am praying for… my daughter Emma who is away with the Navy at the moment. I spoke to her today which was lovely but she has been a bit ill whilst sailing the past few days and has only managed to eat properly for the first time today since Friday. I am also continuing to pray for my friend Rita who is about to take her third round of chemotherapy.

I am looking forward to… hitting the books again tomorrow. It’s always nice to start a new chapter and tomorrow I will be looking at the development of the germ theory.

I am learning… lots about the history of medicine! I am also learning a lot about the thing inside me that connects to those things outside of me in a spiritual way. And it is an exciting journey.

Around the house… I have had a house full of spring flowers this past week – daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and several potted mini-daffs that Emma brought for me for Mothering Sunday last week. The house has smelled divine.

I am pondering… what to preach about when it’s my turn next month. I don’t know what is expected of me yet so it could be on a reading of the day, or it could be some sort of personal testimony. Hmmm not sure but no doubt the solution will reveal itself shortly.

A favourite quote for today: “Whenever you feel sad just remember that somewhere in the world there is an idiot pulling a door that says PUSH”

One of my favourite things… is finishing assignments.

A few plans for the rest of the week: back to studying tomorrow, Lent group Wednesday night, band Friday. It’s a bit quiet this week hurrah!

A peek into my day…

Hyacinths and tulips on my fireplace
My favourite – daffodils on the mantlepiece


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5 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 7th April”

  1. Can’t wait to see a picture of your shawl. It should be lovely. I would love to learn how to crochet or knit.
    Your quote made me laugh out loud. I daresay I’ve been the one pulling a time or two!
    Thanks for sharing your daybook and have a great week.


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