Daybook Entry – Easter Day 2014

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY
Outside my window… my pea plants have been blown over in the hurricane blowing across Manchester at the minute. It is also rather chilly.

I am thinking… about going to bed soon. It has been really busy recently with the build up to Easter and I’m feeling emotionally and physically drained. Happy, but drained.

I am thankful… that my roast beef turned out perfectly today. We can’t usually afford the luxury of a joint of meat for Sunday lunch but as today is a special day we splurged on a joint of beef. I was a bit nervous of cooking it and ruining it but I am so thankful it turned out well. Phew!

In the kitchen… we had roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage and broccoli for dinner and I made the gravy from the meat juices myself. It was deeeeeeee-lish!

I am wearing… blue t-shirt, beige kecks. (“Kecks” = Mancunian for “trousers” or “pants”. Non-Mancunian pants are “knickers”, so I hesitated to say beige pants because I don’t want to discuss my underwear in public and as my legs are covered by loose trouser-things that aren’t actually trousers I tried to clear up any misunderstanding by this horrifically long and complicated explanatory sentence.)

I am creating… I have finished my shawl and am in between craft projects at the moment. Looking forward to planning my next now.

shawl 3 shawl 2 shawl 1

I am going… out for the day tomorrow with my husband and my son. We are planning on going to Dunham Massey, which is a National Trust property set in a deer-park close to us. During WWI it was used as a military hospital and to commemorate the centenary it has opened as a museum for now. It fits in with my OU studies and will be a nice change of routine for us.

I am wondering… what the weather will be like tomorrow. Will it be shorts and t-shirt weather, or should we plan on wearing thick jumpers and waterproofs??

I am reading… “Backlash” by Lynda la Plante.

I am hoping… I can catch up with my studies this week. Yes, as ever, I am behind with the schedule! This time in my defence, I have had my hands full with spiritual things leading up to Easter and the history of medicine has had to take a bit of a back seat.

I am praying for… my family; my church family; a friend who is suffering with some mental health issues; a friend who needs some direction and stability at the moment; Holly and Lilly who were baptised today during our Easter morning service.

I am looking forward to… our day out tomorrow.

I am learning… more about how to look after terrapins. We have “inherited” Terry the Terrapin from Emma who doesn’t have room for him in her new flat.

Around the house… is the remains of a comfortable family Sunday.

I am pondering… what clothes to take with me next Monday…but I can’t tell you what for yet but after next Tuesday I can tell you where I have been filming!

A favourite quote for today: “He is risen!!!”

One of my favourite things… is praying with people during Communion.

A few plans for the rest of the week: day out tomorrow, hospital appointment Wednesday, Ethan’s Pathway interview at school on Thursday, band on  Friday.

A peek into my day…

Close up of the altar in St Paul’s Blackley this Easter morning
easter 2
The cross now covered with a “death shroud” demonstrating that now Easter has arrived, our sins are over. Done. Dealt with. Forgiven.
easter 1
The cross with purple ribbons representing Jesus bearing our sins.


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4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – Easter Day 2014”

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am thrilled with my shawl and can’t wait to use it now! I am planning on wearing it when we either sit out in the garden in the summer evenings or when we go away in our caravan. I don’t like things weighing me down but now and again I need a bit of something over my shoulders and tops of my arms and this is going to be chosen item this year 🙂
      Easter blessings to you and yours too!!


    1. It was glorious!! I have actually caught some sun on my face today so I am going to bed looking less like a zombie and more like a human being after a long winter indoors haha! Well worth a visit if ever you fancy going to see it. The access was good (no steps and lots of ramps etc) and the gardens and grounds were lovely to stroll through. We didn’t go as far as the deer park but we could have easily spent the whole day there. Having to drag the moody 15-yr old out of bed set us back a bit this morning so we arrived just in time for lunch…tsk!


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